Estudio de Mercado Cerezas Frescas en Singapur

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Cherry is one of the most sought-after fresh temperate stone fruits in Singapore and even though the price is on the high side, consumers are willing to pay for it.
Import of fresh cherries into Singapore has been growing and this indicated a big potential for Chilean fresh cherries. Currently, Chile is among the top four trading partners with USA taking the top spot.
Singapore imports almost everything and hence the consumers here are able to have fresh cherries almost all year round. There is also an increase of the demand and consumption largely due to the expansion of the consumer profile. More locals are buying and eating cherries. Cherries were once only popular among the expatriates.
There are more than one million expatriates and foreign worker in Singapore who buys non tropical fruits. However, more locals are well-traveled now and are more knowledgeable about non tropical fruits and other healthy food and hence they have more demand for non-traditional products in the market.
The consumption is not limited to Singapore. Many Malaysian who work in Singapore but live in the state of Johore also buys their fruits and food here in Singapore. To cater to the big community of Malaysian who work in Singapore, many supermarkets in Johor now stock more temperate fruits such as grapes, cherries, blueberries, nectarines and etc.
Consumers like their cherry fresh, red and crunchy. For the well-knowledge consumer, they are willing to pay higher price for fresh cherry, knowing that the fruit is packed with high anti-oxidant and effective on anti-aging, pain relief and anti-inflammation.
The three important buying criteria are quality, price and taste/texture. The high price is always associated with quality excellent such as crunchy texture, freshness, colour and presentation. Which country the fruit comes from is also a determining factor for consumer.

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