EU Citrus Semi-annual 2010

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USDAGAIN.jpgThis report is an update of the EU-27 Annual Citrus Report published in December 2009, covering the situation for fresh oranges, tangerines/mandarins, lemons/limes, grapefruit and orange juice.

EU orange production, like other citrus fruit, is concentrated in the Mediterranean region. Oranges are the second largest EU fruit crop after apples, with more than 6.5 million MT produced in MY 2008/09 and 6.2 million MT in MY 2009/10. More than 80 percent of the EU’s total production of oranges is sourced in Spain and Italy. The remaining 20 percent is distributed among other Member States (MS), mainly Cyprus, Greece and Portugal. The ongoing decline in Spanish production has not been offset by increases in other Mediterranean Member States.

Spain is the largest orange producer within the EU, usually representing approximately 50 percent of total orange production within the Union. The latest official figures indicate a reduction in production of 22 percent for MY 2009/10 compared to the MY 2008/09 level. The season has been abnormally short, due to last winter’s unfavorable weather conditions -- very cold, wet and windy. Higher humidity also influenced the crop negatively, causing losses both in the field and in the warehouses.

Arantxa Medina