Evaluation of Microbiological Criteria and Quality of Packed Fruit Juices

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The packed fruit juices play an important role in fulfilling nutritional requirements of consumers at affordable prices. The composition of these juices is based on standard requirements of the consumers; the integrity of composition depends upon the storage and freezing conditions. The consumption of fruits and fruit juices could have both positive and negative effect on the part of consumers. Fruits and fruit juices processed under hygienic condition could play important role in enhancing consumers’ health e.g. inhibition of breast cancer, congestive heart failure (CHF), and urinary tract infection. In absence of good manufacturing practice; however, the nutritional richness of fruits and fruit juices makes the product good medium for microbial growth, vehicle of foodborne pathogens and associated complications. Recently, fruits as well as fruit juices have been acknowledged as “emerging vehicles” for foodborne illnesses due to bacterial pathogens, protozoa and viruses. In this paper we aim to review precise sources of microbial contamination and most relevant outbreaks involving foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms associated with fruit juices.

N.G. Batra
A. Sharma
N. Agarwal
International Food Research Journal