Exogenous Applications of Plant Growth Regulators Improve Quality of ‘Fuji’ Apple

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Apple production and consumption in Asian regions are increasing with economic development and the demand for highquality fruit. In this study, we conducted three experiments: i) GA3 and GA4+7 paste treatment, ii) forchlorfenuron (CPPU) treatment with and without GA4+7 spraying and iii) CPPU spray treatment at different concentrations under different conditions. The GA3 and GA4+7 paste treatments conducted 30 days after full bloom (DAFB) enhanced fruit growth without malformation; however, the application of this treatment was difficult. In contrast, CPPU spraying with or without GA4+7 enhanced fruit growth easily, but the 4 DAFB treatments induced severe fruit malformation. Among the application stages and CPPU concentrations tested, the 1 mg L-1 CPPU treatment on 10‒20 DAFB and the 5‒10 mg L-1 CPPU treatment on 30 DAFB produced 9‒18% larger fruits without malformation than the control. The 1 mg L-1 CPPU treatment applied 10‒20 DAFB induced a 1% decrease in the soluble solid content; whereas, 5‒10 mg L-1 CPPU treatment application on 30 DAFB did not decrease soluble solid content. In conclusion, 1 mg L-1 CPPU treatment application on 10‒20 DAFB or 5‒10 mg L-1 CPPU treatment on 30 DAFB are recommended to improve the fruit size of ‘Fuji’ apples.

Kazuhiro Matsumoto
Tomomichi Fujita
Saki Sato
International Journal of Agriculture & Biology