Export opportunities for Kosovo horticulture crops in the region

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A study was commissioned by Horticulture Promotion in Kosovo (HPK) to explore export opportunities for Kosovo horticulture products in four neighbouring countries, Montenegro, Albania, FYR of Macedonia and Serbia. The field work was undertaken in July and August 2009. The main objectives were:

  • to identify possible export market opportunities in some neighbouring countries
  • to find out practical information for traders, such as documents, costs, prerequisites related to export procedures
  • to identify tariff and non-tariff barriers for each country

In the past, Kosovo was a province within the larger Yugoslav Federation with a total market of 22 million. At the time fruit and vegetable production was more concentrated in some of the republics/provinces like FYROM and Kosovo that supplyed other parts of Yugoslavia.

The report aims to provide an analysis of the regional export potential for the fruit and vegetable sector of Kosovo. Insights are presented that were obtained through interviews with many different stakeholders - as well as information concerning the important wholesale markets visited.

Fatmir Selimi
Edvin Kotherja
Horticultural Promotion in Kosovo (HPK)