Food Packaging: A Comprehensive Review and Future Trends

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Innovations in food packaging systems will help meet the evolving needs of the market, such as consumer preference for “healthy” and high-quality food products and reduction of the negative environmental impacts of food packaging. Emerging concepts of active and intelligent packaging technologies provide numerous innovative solutions for prolonging shelf-life and improving the quality and safety of food products. There are also new approaches to improving the passive characteristics of food packaging, such as mechanical strength, barrier performance, and thermal stability. The development of sustainable or green packaging has the potential to reduce the environmental impacts of food packaging through the use of edible or biodegradable materials, plant extracts, and nanomaterials. Active, intelligent, and green packaging technologies can work synergistically to yield a multipurpose food-packaging system with no negative interactions between components, and this aim can be seen as the ultimate future goal for food packaging technology. This article reviews the principles of food packaging and recent developments in different types of food packaging technologies. Global patents and future research trends are also discussed.
Jia‐Wei Han
Luis Ruiz‐Garcia
Jian‐Ping Qian
Xin‐Ting Yang
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety