Food Safety Guidelines for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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Unsafe handling of fresh produce has resulted in a number of product recalls and food-borne illness outbreaks. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises consumers to be aware of safe handling and preparation practices for fresh fruits and vegetables. To reduce the risk of foodborne illness from fresh produce, you must follow the guidelines below. 

ALL RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARE WASHED BEFORE USE ♦ All fruits and vegetables with skins or shells must be washed thoroughly under potable (drinkable) running water before they are peeled or cut for service. Whole fruits with edible skins must be washed also before service / display. ♦ If the product is pre-packaged and labeled; “read-to-eat”, “washed” or “triple-washed”, the product should not be re-washed in the operation. 

Steps for Keeping Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Safe:

  • Purchasing 
  • Washing Hands 
  • Washing Fruits and Vegetables 
  • Food Contact Surfaces  
  • Avoid CrossContamination  
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