Food Safety Manual

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In the supply chains for fruit and vegetables there is an increasing demand for more attention to food safety. Farmer Field Schools has proven to be a very effective method to incorporate food safety aspects into farming practices1. This manual is a reference guide for the inclusion of Food Safety aspects in Farmer Field School (FFS) programmes. Health (consumer protection) is the main entry point for food safety in this manual. However, in some cases, marketing benefits could occur from improved food safety and quality.

This manual is written for managers of (national) IPM programmes, TOT master trainers and FFS facilitators.

This manual should be used as a source of information and inspiration. It is meant to be changed and adapted to the local situation by users. It is recommended to test and validate exercises with experienced FFS facilitators. Additional facilitator training on food safety issues will probably be necessary. An assessment of food safety issues at farm level or community level can be part of such training. Further feed-back from facilitators and farmers will help to adapt food safety modules or exercises to the local needs.

Content of the manual
Much of the content of this manual is based on field experiences from FFS programmes in Asia and West-Africa. Background information is used from various sources, listed in chapter 4, including ASEAN GAP training materials. However, any errors in this manual are our responsibility.

Part I of this manual provides practical information about food safety and a reference list for more detailed information. It also contains a section on how to incorporate food safety elements into existing FFS programmes.

Part II contains a number of exercises and special topics on food safety for FFS. These exercises can be used for inspiration, but need to be adapted to fit the crop and the local conditions.

The focus of this manual is on pre-production, production, harvest and post-harvest on-farm.

Frederike Praasterink
Catherine Bessy
Marjon Fredrix
Alfredo Impiglia
Almalinda Morales-Abubakar
Jan Ketelaar
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