Greece Canned Deciduous Fruit Annual 2010

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Greek cling peach production was slightly higher in 2009/10 than in previous years. High production combined with large carryover stocks from last year and low demand for canned peaches created a price crisis for Greek peach producers. The Greek government responded by maintaining its subsidies for peach farmers, however the newly decoupled system of payments will likely convince many Greek producers to switch from cling peach to table peach production in the near future. Greek peach subsidies have long been a contentious trade issue between the United States and Greece. The artificially low price of Greek cling peaches is effectively a subsidy for the canning industry, which subsequently produces a cheaper product. Greece remains the largest global exporter of canned peaches. Greece is a net-importer of canned pears and a net-exporter of canned peaches, canned fruit mixtures, and canned apricots.

Cyndi Barmore