Greece - Stone Fruit Annual

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Greece is the third largest producer of peaches in the EU-27, after Italy and Spain. Greek farms are typically four to five hectares, much smaller than the average size in either the EU or the United States. According to industry estimates, there are approximately 42,600 hectares currently cultivated for peaches and nectarines. The main producing areas include six territories (Imathia, Pella, Pieria, Kozani, Larissa, and Kilkis) of Central Macedonia and Thessaly, located in northern Greece. The peach production area is located in an active hail belt that stretches from the Iberian Peninsula to northern Greece. Most of the crop is harvested in June and July. MY 2012/13 fresh freestone peach and nectarine production is forecast at 305,000 MT―an increase of 5.2 percent compared to the previous year. MY 2012/13 clingstone production is forecast to increase by near 9 percent.

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