Growing Pecans in North Carolina

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For many generations, pecans have been grown on family homesteads in North Carolina as part of a means for survival. Today, pecans are still grown in North Carolina, for income and enjoyment, predominately in the southeastern part of the state. Growing pecans requires patience and a long-term commitment. However, pecan trees can grow and produce quality nuts for decades with minimal effort and expense. Some commercial pecan plantings in North Carolina are well over 75 years old and still very productive. In years when a full crop is obtained, North Carolina produces 5 to 6 million pounds of pecans annually. The level of production ranges from several trees in the backyard to commercial orchards with 20 acres or more. Holdings of 20 to 30 trees are common. Whether you own a few trees or a commercial orchard, growing pecans can be enjoyable as well as profitable. However, as with any venture, planning is essential. This document will explain how to produce pecans successfully.

  • Selecting a Site
  • Selecting Pecan Varieties
  • Planning and Establishing an Orchard
  • Training and Pruning
  • Managing the Orchard
  • Managing Pests and Diseases
  • Insect and Disease Management
  • Managing Other Pests
  • Harvesting, Storage, and Marketing
Micael L. Parker
Kenneth A. Sorensen
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service