Health Management for Citrus Orchards

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In its broadest sense, "citrus health management" means managing the health of citrus trees in a way which gives a net profit by integrated measures, including Integrated Pest Management (IPM), soil and water management and cultural practices. This chapter discusses IPM measures to keep disease-free seedlings free of pests and diseases once they have been planted out in the orchard.
The greatest threats to the health of citrus orchards in Asia are virus diseases and citrus greening, both of which are widespread in the region. Once a tree is infected with either virus or citrus greening, the infection spreads throughout the orchard.
These conditions are progressive and incurable. Infection is always followed by some decline in vigor and fruit yield, sometimes to a drastic extent. Eventually, the tree may die.
Prevention of virus diseases and citrus greening depends on two basic measures.

Citrus Production: A Manual for Asian Farmers
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