How do I Prove my Production is Organic?

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Organic certification is a marketing tool. It ensures that everyone in the supply chain adheres to the organic regulations. It provides trust to the consumer and protects from fraud.

You don’t need organic certification just for the sake of it. You only need it if you are going to sell organic products to the market:

  1. You are an organic farmer without certification: Customers who know you appreciate the quality your products. However, you can not sell or export your products as organic.
  2. You are an organic farmer with certification: You have to comply with all provisions of the organic regulation. Thanks to certification, you can label your product as organic. Customers who don’t know your farm therefore can recognize your product as organic, even exporting them to Europe. 

Do you need certification:

  1. Would you like to sell products to the market with an organic label?
  2. Does your customer request a specific certificate for your products?
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture