Induced Systemic Resistance to Meloidogyne spp by β,amino Butyric Acid in Tomato

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β,amino butyric acid (BABA) induced resistance against Meloigogyne spp in tomato. Signifi- cantly (p = 0.05) less, 41.11 second stage juve- niles (J2) enter the roots of treated than, 116.66 J2 in untreated control plants. Root fresh and dry weight (Rfw, Rdw) were 2.87 and 0.12 g in treated compared with 4.78 and 0.30 g in nema- tode infected control plants respectively, 30 d after nematode inoculation. Sfw and Sdw were 8.62 and 0.60 g compared with 3.94 and 0.22 g in control plants. Foliage spray at 40 and 20 mM of BABA was more effective than 10 and 5 mM treatments. The former two concentrations re- corded the lowest, average gall index, 2.11 com- pared with 3.33, 4.11, and 5 for the latter two concentrations and nematode infected control respectively. Results also indicated that treat- ments with BABA prior to nematode inoculation were superior in inducing resistance to Meloi- dogyne spp over treatment at the time or after nematode inoculation.

Shamaael S. Mutar
Farkad A. Fattah
Agricultural Sciences