Influence of Pre-drying treatments on Quality and Safety of Sun-dried Tomatoes. Part II. Effects of Storage on Nutritional and Sensory Quality of Sun-dried Tomatoes Pretreated with Sulfur, Sodium Metbisulfite, or Salt

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Pre-drying treatments have been found to improve the quality of stored sun-dried tomatoes. Based on previous investigation (Part I), 5 specific pretreatments were chosen for effects on nutritional value, sensory quality, and safety before and after 3 mo of storage (25 °C and 30% to 34% relative humidity). These pretreatments included (1) direct gas sulfuring with 2.3 kg (5 lb) SO2; (2) with 3.6 kg (8 lb) SO2; (3) dipping in 10% salt for 5 min; (4) 8% sodium metabisulfite for 5 min; and (5) 8% sodium metabisulfite and 10% salt for 5 min. The use of SO2 improved color, rehydration ratio, and minimized the loss of ascorbic acid and lycopene. Sodium metabisulfite dipped tomatoes had better rehydration ratio and color than gas sulfured sun-dried tomatoes. Untrained consumers ranked gas sulfured tomatoes higher than sun-dried tomatoes produced by dipping in either sodium metabisulfite alone or sodium metabisulfite plus salt.

Guadalupe Latapi
Diane M. Barrett
Journal of Food Science