International Trade Contracts: A Practical Guide for Exporters

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This handbook has been prepared as a brief guide for exporters and explains the main points to consider when drawing up contracts. The legal framework of the United States is used as a mayor reference in this text. It also contains fairly complex legal terminology, because although we have tried to be as clear and didactic as possible, we do not consider it helpful to avoid terms and concepts that entrepreneurs will necessarily encounter at some point, in the real world. Through this guide we hope to generate the basic knowledge required to understand one of the most important and decisive aspects of international business: contractual relations.
'The text is divided into two parts. The first part offers an introduction to contractual matters; the second focuses on four types of contracts: a contract of sale, a distribution contract, an intermediary or commission agent contract, and, finally, a licensing agreement. At the end of this section we include a series of recommendations on the negotiating process itself, which may prove indispensable for those embarking on their first commercial ventures.

Luis Clemente Ventura