Irrigation Basics for Eastern Washington Vineyards

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For crop production, water is everything. Although water is critical to plant growth and survival, water sources and control over them can vary substantially across the production regions of the world. For grapes, many regions in New World production areas would not be so successful without irrigation and the control over grape growth and productivity it has provided. Irrigation has significantly changed the way grapes are grown and managed in large-scale production systems by allowing grape production to expand into arid regions and by improving control of plant nutrient status, water status, and frost and disease management. Grape producers in Washington State commonly use irrigation for either juice or wine grapes. However, the various irrigation options available can often appear contradictory, or are poorly explained in terms of practical application.
This Washington State University Extension publication presents and further clarifies irrigation options and strategies for both juice and wine grape production in Washington State.

Michelle Moyer
R. Troy Peters
Rick Hamman
Washington State University