Kenya - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

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The Government of Kenya (GOK) encourages export certification of almost all foods before they are exported to Kenya for human and animal consumption. Exporters and consolidators of U.S. food products may obtain a certificate of conformity (COC) through the GOK’s PVoC. The GOK maintains inspection contracts with Société Générale De Surveillance S.A. (SGS) and Intertek International Ltd to operate its PVoC program for North American exports.
Exporters and consolidators can ship products covered under the PVoC to Kenya without receiving a COC, but these exports will be subject to inspection at the port of entry. The cost of the inspection will be approximately 15 percent of the CIF value of the product/s. The GOK will also require that the exporter post a bond equal to 15 percent of the CIF value.
The GOK excludes some products like fresh fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables from the PVoC (check for the full list). Nonetheless, the PVoC-excluded products/goods must meet all relevant Kenyan standards at the port of entry. However, for these foods that do not require a COC, exporters and consolidators may still request a COC from the PVoC agent, as a means of minimizing potential port-of-entry problems.

FAS/Nairobi Staff