Midwest Vegetable for Commercial Production Guide Growers 2011

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Complete vegetable production guide for commercial growers.

Purdue University: Dan Egel, Botany and Plant Pathology (Lead Author); Ricky Foster, Entomology; Elizabeth Maynard, Horticulture
University of Illinois: Rick Weinzierl, Entomology; Mohammad Babadoost, Plant Pathology
Iowa State University: Patrick O’Malley, Horticulture
Kansas State University: Robert Bauernfeind, Entomology; Cary Rivard, Horticulture; Megan Kennelly, Plant Pathology
University of Minnesota: Bill Hutchison, Entomology
Lincoln University of Missouri: Sanjun Gu, Horticulture

Purdue University: Tom Creswell, Gail Ruhl, Botany and Plant Pathology; Jamal Faghihi, Entomology; Shubin Saha, Steve Weller, Horticulture; Ed White, Pesticide Product Manager
University of Illinois: Bronwyn Aly, John Masiunas, Willliam Shoemaker, Charles Voigt, Elizabeth Wahle, Horticulture; Jerald Pataky, Plant Pathology
Iowa State University: Mark Gleason, Plant Pathology; Vince Lawson, Donald Lewis, Entomology
Kansas State University: Rhonda Janke, Horticulture; Judy O’Mara, Plant Pathology
University of Minnesota: Dave Ragsdale, Entomology; Roger Jones, Plant Pathology; Roger Becker, Agronomy; Carl Rosen, Soil Science; Vince Fritz, Horticulture; Jerry Wright, Ag. Engineering; Eric C. Burkness, Vegetable IPM Program
University of Missouri: James Quinn, Horticulture; Jaime Piñero, State IPM Specialist Photos by the contributors, Brian Christie, Mike Kerper, John Obermeyer, and Elizabeth Wuerffel

Purdue Extension
Purdue Extension