Morocco - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

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The main regulatory agency responsible for food safety issues in Morocco is the newly established National Office for Food Safety, ONSSA, “Office National de la Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires.” ONSSA is an independent agency under the supervision of Ministry of Agriculture. All imported agricultural and food products must go through inspection and control of ONSSA before they can clear Customs. The Ministry of Health will carry out inspection of food products that have specific health or dietary claims.
The Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS) report provides an overview of the food laws and regulatory environment in Morocco as it relates to U.S. food and agricultural exports. On May 2013, the Government of Morocco approved a decree on nutritional and allergen labeling. The government has given importers and local producers a grace period of one year to comply with the new regulation. On June 26, 2013, Morocco made available for public comments a new law project # 122.12, which regulates the import of animal and animal products. See Section II for preliminary information on the proposed requirements. Sections I, II, VI, VII, and the Appendix have all been updated.

Idriss El Honsali