Nematodes of Backyard Deciduous Fruit and Nut Crops in Florida

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Fruit and nut trees planted in Florida landscapes can appeal to the homeowner for many reasons, including fresh tasting fruit of high quality and landscape beauty that adds to property value. If fruit plantings have so many wonderful attractions, why do we not see them in every yard? As for everything worth having, careful effort is needed to grow fruit and nuts successfully; every kind of plant has conditions most favorable for its growth and other situations in which it cannot thrive. Just as in real estate, the single most important factor for success is location, location, location. Many EDIS publications important information about the needs of fruit and nut crops you might want to grow. Consider that information carefully when choosing your dooryard fruit crop(s). Soil conditions, exposure to sunlight, climatic conditions, and pest risks all can affect which fruit crops will grow best for you.

William T. Crow
Jimmy R. Rich
IFAS Extension, University of Florida