Non-Chemical Crop Protection

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Farmers often do not realize that their unsprayed fields are full of beneficial insects (parasitoids and predators) which keep pest numbers under control. However, these natural enemies are much more vulnerable to pesticides than the targeted pests. So when pesticides are used, natural enemies are killed and pests can develop unchecked. It is therefore essential to use non-chemical crop protection methods instead of pesticides. This booklet describes a number of tactics that can be used. It demonstrates how to work with nature to keep pests at tolerable levels. The booklet also draws attention to the Farmer Field Schools that have been set up world-wide. In these field schools, farmers learn to become active, self-reliant practitioners of nonchemical crop protection. This booklet, written by very experienced scientists, is highly recommended to farmers, extension officers and pest management practitioners. 

Piet Scheepens
Rik Hoevers