Pesticides: compounds, use and hazards

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Agromisa would like to stress from the start that use of chemical pesticides should be completely avoided wherever possible. All options for using alternative, non-chemical methods of crop protection should be explored first. Only if none of these are possible should chemical control be considered as a last resort.

It can be very difficult for an individual farmer or advisor in the field to gain a clear understanding of all the aspects of pesticide use. This Agrodok defines principles of correct and effective application for user, environment and consumer of the harvested product. Risks of human poisoning and risks of environmental damage can be minimized if everyone involved in the trade, distribution and application of pesticides knows how to handle and apply them safely.

Unfortunately, the sobering reality is that health and safety policies to convince pesticide users to operate safely under dangerous conditions have very often failed. Assumptions that information systems and health and safety measures are present and used, are often overrated and too optimistic. Very often the information has not reached the people who are applying the pesticides.

Jeroen Boland
Irene Koomen
Joep van Lidth de Jeude
Jan Oudejans