Physico-chemical study of seed oil of Prunus armeniaca L. grown in Garhwal region (India) and its comparison with some conventional food oils

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The seeds of the wild Prunus armeniaca L. (wild Apricot) from the Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand (India) was analysed for its proximate compositions and the physico-chemical characteristics of the oil. The elements present in seed oil were also determined which reflected that apricot is rich in Phosphorous, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Copper which makes it suitable for edible and commercial oil. Gas chromatography (GC) of seed oil revealed that it contains oleic acid (73.58%), linoleic acid (19.26%), palmitic acid (3.31%), myristic acid (1.18%) and stearic acid (2.68%). Proximate values of the protein, fiber, oil and carbohydrate content of the wild apricot seed oil and their comparison with other food grade oil suggests that wild apricot oil from this region may be used for edible purposes.

R. K. Bachheti,
I. Rai
A. Joshi
V. Rana
International Food Research Journal