Physicochemical Properties and Applications of Date Seed and Its Oil

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The date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is an important agricultural crop in most of the Middle East countries and it is a staple food for millions of people in this part of the world. Date seeds, also called pits, kernels, stones or pips, are a waste product of date processing and packing plants. Therefore, date seeds have been a problem to the date industry, while they contain many valuable substances such as carbohydrates, oil, dietary fiber, protein, bioactive polyphenols and natural antioxidants. However, date seeds can be used for many applications like food products formulation, cosmetics and functional and medicinal supplements. This article reviews physical properties and chemical composition of date seed powder and date seed oil. Particular attention has been also paid to the different applications of date seed powder and its oil.

A. Golshan Tafti
N. Solaimani Dahdivan
S.A. Yasini Ardakani
International Food Research Journal