Plant Parasitic Nematode Communities Associated with Pepper Crops in Aguie Region (Niger Republic)

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Pests and diseases are cited as major biotic constraints to pepper production in Niger. While, insect pests and some diseases are well known, the plant parasitic nematodes communities are ignored. To characterize these communities, a survey was carried out in the Aguie area in the central part of Niger republic (one of the two main pepper growing areas). Soil and root samples were collected from fields and transported into the Laboratory for nematological analyses. Plant-parasitic nematodes belonging to 7 different genera were encountered in soil and roots. High densities of Meloidogyne species up to 45,000 second stage juveniles per gram of roots were recovered from the most affected plants. Tylenchorhynchus sp. and Helicotylenchus sp. were widespread and found in all the sites. But, Xiphinema, Criconemmella, Scutellonema and Tylenchus were found in 3 sites out of 5. The role of plant parasitic nematodes in reducing pepper growth in the Aguie region is discussed.

Haougui Adamou
Nouri Kassoum Mamame
Basso Adamou
Doumma Ali
Adam Toudou
Botany Research International