Productive performance of carrot and rocket cultivars in strip-intercropping system and sole crops

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A great challenge for the success of intercropping systems is the ability in determining which species should be used and, especially, the management of the cultivars or varieties to be associated. The objective of the present research was to evaluate the effect of the association of two cultivars of carrot (Daucus carota L.) with two cultivars of rocket (Eruca sativa M.) in two crops in strip-intercropping system and sole crops on the productive performance of these vegetables. The experimental design was randomized complete blocks in a 2×2+2 factorial with five replications. Treatments were the association of two carrot cultivars (Brasília and Esplanada) with two rocket cultivars (Cultivada and Folha Larga) plus two additional treatments (two carrot cultivars or two rocket cultivars as sole crops in each block). The major results were: the rocket cultivars Cultivada and Folha Larga showed similar (p>0.05) productive performances in sole crop and intercropping system. The best performance (p≤0.05) of the rocket was observed in the second cultivation. The carrot cultivar Brasília showed the best productive performance (p≤0.05) in both sole crop and intercropping system. The intercropped systems of carrot Brasília + rocket Cultivada and carrot Brasília + rocket Folha Larga were the best association based on agri-economic efficiency.

J. Suerda Silva-de Lima
Francisco Bezerra-Neto
Maria Zuleide-de Negreiro
M. Clarete Cardoso-Ribeiro
Aurélio P. Barros-Júnior
Revista Agrociencia