Qualitative Estimation of Cellulases and Lignin Modifying Enzymes in Five Wild Lentinus Species Selected from North West India

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Present investigations on five wild selected fungal species of Genus Lentinus {Fr. namely L. sajorcaju (Fr.), L. connatus Berk., L. torulosus (Pers., Fr.) Lloyd, L. cladopus Lèv, L. squarrosulus (Mont.) Sing.} collected from different localities of North West India have been studied for the qualitative estimation of cellulose and lignin degradation enzymes through colorimetric assays. The results obtained indicated that the production of these enzymes started from the fourth to sixth day of mycelial growth on petriplate. Whereas, the lignin modifying enzymes were detected on the third day of mycelial growth. The degradation of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) was observed with a yellow opaque layer formation around the colony in the concentric manner in case of cellulase enzymes detection. The enzymes responsible for the modification of lignin were observed with the formation of brown oxidation zones around the colonies. The findings clearly indicate that as like other wood degrading fungi, these wild fungal species of Lentinus despite of occurring on different hosts contain the enzymes responsible for cellulose and lignin degradation. 

N.S. Atri
S.K. Sharma
World Journal of Fungal and Plant Biology