Response of Valencia Orange Trees to Some Treatments During Blooming, Fruit Set and Fruit Maturation

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The present study was carried out during two successive seasons of 2014 - 2015 and 2015 -2016 on valencia oranges trees budded on sour orange rootstock planted on clay loamy soil with flood irrigation in El-Qalyobia governorate. Small fruit size is the main factor limiting the marketing of valencia oranges; thus the objective of the present study is to observe the effects of foliar application with potassium nitrate (1%), GA3 (25 ppm), Amcotone (630 ppm) and nitrophenolate (630 ppm) on fruit set percentage, yield and fruit quality especially fruit size of valencia orange trees. On the other hand, leaf chemical properties total phenols, total indoles, total sugars, total carbohydrates, N, P and K concentrations were determined. Generally, the results revealed that, GA treatment increased fruit set and fruit yield (kg/ tree).While, nitrophenolate treatment 3 increased fruit size, fruit weight and improved fruit peel colour. Also, nitrophenolate treatment increased total phenols and total carbohydrates. Data obtained reflect varied response with varied treatments.

Nadia A.M. Hamed
Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants