Senegal - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

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Senegal established the National Committee for International Trade Negotiations (CNNCI) in 2002 as the governmental body in charge of consultation and coordination between the government, the private sector and consumer associations on all matters concerning implementation of bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements including those involving the import of food. The CNNCI is chaired by the Minister for Trade while the Directorate of Foreign Trade provides the permanent Secretariat. It is divided into six subcommittees including the Subcommittee on Trade in Agricultural Products, where SPS measures are discussed, coordinated and monitored.
Senegal adheres to the CODEX Alimentarius and has a National Codex Committee responsible for representing Senegal at Codex negotiations, advising and sensitizing government and private sector standards users on Codex food safety standards and their applications, and initiate and oversee research and surveys on various food safety issues and standards setting. The National Codex Committee is chaired by the Service of Food and Nutrition of the Ministry of Health and is composed of representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Environment, Fisheries, and Trade, the Senegalese Standards Association (ASN), and several research institutions as Food Technology Institute (ITA), university scientists involved in food safety applications, private sector, professional and consumers organizations.

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