Serbia - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

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This report provides information on Serbian regulations and standards concerning food, agriculture, agricultural products and foreign trade. It includes information on labeling, packaging, food additives and import procedures. Important points of contact or relevant government agencies for U.S. food exporters are listed in the appendices.
The following newly adopted laws and regulations in Serbia are relevant both for locally processed and imported foods:
Law on Food Safety (“Official Gazette RS” No.41/09) represents one of the main agricultural laws in Serbia. It governs all aspects of production, circulation, control and consumption of food, general conditions for ensuring safety of food and feed, rights and responsibilities of persons performing food and feed businesses, early warning system, hygiene and quality of food and feed. The purpose of the law is to ensure high level of protection of life and health of consumers, and interests of consumers while ensuring efficient functioning of food trade. The adoption of the law was necessary for the purpose of harmonization with EU regulations, in particular Directive 178/2002/EC, and compliance with the Agreement on application of sanitary and phytosanitary measures of the WTO.

Tatjana Maslac