Sustainable Food Production Practices in the Caribbean

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1. The role of small producers, family farms and women farmers in sustainable food production and food security
2. Youth: Adding value to agriculture in the Caribbean
3. Small animal production systems: Rabbits and ducks
4. Rain shelters and net-houses for vegetable production
5. Natural crop protection methods in the Caribbean
6. Sustainable water management practices for food production in the Caribbean
7. Sustaining the environment: Farms and beyond the farm
8. Appropriate logistics to reduce losses in the postharvest handling system: Case of mango
9. Ecological modernization of Caribbean agro-systems: From concept to design
10. Agricultural diversification and non-traditional systems for sustainable food production
11. Agro-forestry systems and practices in the Caribbean
12. A method for growing tilapia in Atlantic seawater in St Kitts: A sustainable alternative to traditional coastal fishery systems

Wayne G. Ganpat
Wendy-Ann P. Isaac
Ian Randle Publishers