Taiwan - Stone Fruit Annual

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In 2011, Taiwan was the number three export market for U.S. peaches/nectarines and the number four export market for U.S. cherries. Stone fruits are well received by Taiwan consumers, who like peaches, nectarines and cherries due to their attractive appearance, sweetness, juiciness and fragrance. Taiwan wholesalers and retailers like to handle stone fruits because they are profitable. Many Taiwan fruit importers have set up branch offices in China to handle shipments entering the market through their headquarter offices in Taiwan. These Taiwan importers now import fruit not only for Taiwan but also for the China market. At present, however, U.S. fruit exports to China via Taiwan importers are virtually unchanged from the previous year.
Peaches/Nectarines: In 2011, Taiwan imported a total of 21,664 metric tons (MT) or US$38 million worth of fresh peach/nectarines. The United States continued to dominate the Taiwan peach/nectarine import market, accounting for 80% of Taiwan's total fresh peach/nectarine imports. However, Taiwan’s imports of U.S. peaches/nectarine decreased 21% by volume while total imports declined by 19% during the 2011 season. Currently, the United States supplies nearly 34% of Taiwan's total consumption. The principal competition for U.S. peaches/nectarines is from local production with 29,719 tons harvested in 2011.
Cherries: Taiwan does not produce cherries, so 100% of local demand must be met by imports. Taiwan’s imports of U.S. cherries increased 46% by volume while total imports expanded by about 38% in 2011. The United States continued to supply the largest share of Taiwan’s cherry import market in 2011 with 12,058 MT or US$81 million, accounting for 58% of Taiwan's total imports. However, the entry of major southern hemisphere suppliers, i.e. Chile, Australia, and New Zealand, has shifted some market share away from U.S. suppliers in recent years.

Amy Hsueh