Training and Pruning the Citrus Trees

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There are three main objectives. The first is to increase the total effective leaf area, and promote photosynthesis by exposing the leaves to light and air. If branches are well spaced and properly oriented, they have plenty of space and light. This improves the efficiency of their water use, and also their conversion of available plant nutrients. In turn, this increases the yield and quality of the fruit.
Secondly, proper training and pruning of the tree keeps it in the right size, so that the grower can easily manage his orchard and tend his trees. It also increases the vigor of the tree, enhances its tolerance of various stresses, and helps maintain the most efficient balance between vegetative growth and fruiting.
Thirdly, by removing diseased or infested branches and exposing leaves to light and air, a good training and pruning program helps control pests and diseases in the citrus orchard.

Citrus Production: A Manual for Asian Farmers
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center