Use of Vegetable Oils as Biopesticide in Grain Protection- A Review

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           Cereals and pulses have great biological and nutritional value in human diet. The losses during growing crops and post harvest handling, processing, storage and distributions systems vary between 20-60%. Three major groups of storage enemies are: fungi, insects and rodents. Many insecticides are available that can be used for protection of stored cereals and pulses. The growing awareness of environment as well as health hazards from synthetic pesticides leads to alternate method. Researchers and users are trying organic pesticides/ biopesticides for this grain storage purpose. Out of these products, oils from plant origin are one of them, which have been found to possess insecticidal properties. An advantage is that they are easy to apply. There are also some disadvantages to the use of oil: Oil can have an adverse effect on the germination power of the oil treated seeds. 

Anurag Singh
Ashish Khare
Amit P. Singh
Journal of Fertilizers & Pesticides