Wrapping Materials and Cold Storage Durations Effect on Total Soluble Solids of Nectarine

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Three wrapping materials (news paper + straw, kraft paper and kraft paper + straw) and five cold storage durations (0, 8, 16, 24 and 32-day) were investigated for total soluble solids (TSS) of nectarine (cv. Moghan) during cold storage at -1°C temperature and 98% relative humidity. The experiment was laid out in Factorial Completely Randomized Design (FCRD) with four replications for each one of factors. The data collected were subjected to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DMRT) at 1% probability was performed to compare the means of different treatments. The statistical results of the study indicated that although wrapping material had no significant effect (P 0.01) on TSS, cold storage duration significantly (P 0.01) affected it. Results of the study also indicated that TSS increased by increasing cold storage duration. In addition, kraft paper was the best wrapping materials for protecting TSS.

Majid Rashidi
Saeed Sayfzadeh
Saeb Tabrizi Namini
Mahdi Hosseini Bahri
Agricultural Engineering Research Journal