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Blue Ridge Farm Direct Market Assn.

The Blue Ridge Farm Direct Market Association (BRFDMA) is an organization of Henderson County Apple Growers that sell fresh apples to the public at farm stands and roadside markets. Henderson County is the home of the NC Apple Festival and Street Fair and one of the leading producer of apples in the Southeast, producing over 85% of the apples grown in North Carolina. Apples remain a $15-24 Mil. annual crop. The county is also a large producer of vegetables ranking 2nd or 3rd in the entire state of North Carolina consistently each year.

The association was original formed in 1985 in cooperation with the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service. The mission of the BRFDMA is to promote Henderson County NC Apples while educating the growers and the public about the apple industry.
187 Garren Road 170 Stepp Orchard Drive
Hendersonville, NC 28792
Estados Unidos
Teléfono: 828-685-9083, 828-243-7235
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3 Mayo 2016 - 12:39pm

Bonny “açaí” is a genuine Brazilian company. Conceived, implanted and conducted by Brazilian professionals. Its business is basicaly the production of “açaí” pulp and its derivates, for example juices and mixes. It’s located at “Marituba” County next to the metropolitan region of the capital “Belém” in the state of “Pará”.
We guarantee a product with incomparable quality at a high standard for domestic and industrial consumption, always searching for the best improvements of procedures and processing. Nowadays, Bony Açaí has its HACCP, Organic USDA, Verified Organic Farm, Kosher and IBD certifications and is acquiring the ISO certification in order to offer more safety to all our consumers.

Rua Velho Uriboca – Pass. Andrade nº 01 Bairro: Uriboca
Marituba, PA 67200-000
Teléfono: (91) 3255-0448
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17 Nov 2011 - 12:42pm
Boyette Brothers Produce LLC.

Today, Rock Ridge Farms grows over one thousand acres of Covington sweet potatoes, a portion of which are certified organic, as well as six thousand acres of cotton, soybeans, corn, wheat and peanuts combined. Our strong ties to local and family owned sweet potato farms provide additional acres. We also offer other premium varieties to accommodate our customer’s needs. Offering a year-round supply, our services cross international borders with the majority of our supply going to the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.

6638 Radio Tower Rd.
Wilson 27893
Estados Unidos
Teléfono: (252) 206-0737
Fax: (252) 206-4958
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21 Abr 2016 - 9:17am

Brasfruit was founded in a single tiny office in 1992. Since then, the company has transformed itself into the most illustrious and bountiful tropical fruit exporter in Brazil. Back in 1999, Brasfruit exported more than 4500 tons of top quality fruit to Europe, the United States, Canada, and Indonesia.

Back in 1999, Brasfruit exported more than 4500 tons of top quality fruit to Europe, the United States, Canada, and Indonesia. Now in 2009, its exports have grown to over 9,600 tons.

Brasfruit started out as a trading company buying, packing and exporting fruit. Realizing the need for chemical controls, traceability, and better quality standards, Brasfruit decided to enter into agriculture. Today, Brasfruit is the owner of 4 separate farms in different parts of Brazil, each one Globalgap certified. Because of the combination of great farmers who have worked alongside Brasfruit for many years and the company’s own production prowess, we have been able to turn out an excellent product year after year.

Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 2954 - cj 83 Itaim Bibi
São Paulo, SP CEP 01451-901
Teléfono: +55-11-3078-0865
Fax: +55-11-3168-9758
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15 Sep 2010 - 3:30pm
Brasnica Frutas Tropicais

In the early 80’s, when he saw the Cerrado, a vast tropical ecoregion of Brazil, and the excellent land quality in Janaúba, a small town in Minas Gerais state, Mr. Yuji Yamada had no doubt it was the gateway to the conquest of the Cerrado.

A Japanese immigrant, who arrived in Brazil in 1960, he is a natural entrepreneur that initiated activities planting fruits and vegetables in Registro, a town in São Paulo state.

Yuji Yamada is a market pioneer on passion fruit planting. As he was willing to increase production, he went on to know other regions.

In this new search, he arrived at Janaúba. Their new resources for banana irrigation made him settle down in the city, and he knew that would be a broad opportunity for his business.

From 1986 on, he initiated Cavendish plantain plantation and little spots of fruit-banana, as soon as he acquired his first property. The production was commercialized on the town and boundaries.

This was the beginning of Brasnica Frutas Tropicais, pioneer on the cultivation of Banana up north of Minas Gerais state.

The fruit-banana production got remarkable for the beautiful color, delicious taste and unique shape. This way, the northern production stood out the others, and the demand increased. Soon, other properties were bought in larger extensions in order to broaden the production.

With the considerable increase from 1991, branches were installed for commerce, with stores in Montes Claros and Brasília, the capital of Brazil. In the next years, more shops were opened in Contagem (1996), Rio de Janeiro (2000), Aguiarnópolis (2000), Osasco (2002) and São Paulo (2004). 

On that time the company’s produce was already unique unmistakable by the taste and quality, once the land up north of Minas Gerais state are quite favorable for the banana plantation.   
Then, Brasnica chose to diverse its their produce, also producing papaya, sweetsop, cashew, atemoya, lemon, cajá1, umbu2, pomegranate, jocote3, avocado and ponkan. 

Av. Pres. Kennedy, 418-A
Janaúba, MT CEP: 39440-000
Teléfono: +55 (38) 3821-2877
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12 Oct 2010 - 9:37pm
Brecon Foods Inc

Brecon Foods is a market leader in the international trade of both Frozen Fruit and Vegetable on both spot and long term contracts on a crop by crop basis. From an initial concentration on export only, our activities now embrace import into North America from many overseas suppliers, and also expanding third country business, covering both private label and commodity shipments, with the closest attention to Quality Control Standards.
189 Hymus, Suite 406
Pointe Claire, QC H9R 1E9
Teléfono: +1 514 426 8140
Fax: +1 514 426 5929
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16 Sep 2010 - 1:21pm
C.I. Colexagro S.A.

C.I. COLEXAGRO S.A. es una Sociedad anónima con domicilio principal en la ciudad de Bogotá - Colombia, que bajo el regimén de Comercializadora Internacional, tiene como objeto primordial la promoción y comercialización de productos perecederos principalmente del agro y de la agroindustria Colombiana en mercados externos como el Caribe, Centroamérica, la Comunidad Andina y otros. Para el anterior propósito, valora una sólida relación y alianza con sus proveedores de bienes y servicios, en el manejo adecuado de toda logística de exportación, y en el aporte de un equipo humano profesional y comprometido. Todo lo cual de manera integral, garantiza los conceptos de calidad, oportunidad y precio adecuado que son parte esencial de nuestros productos y concretamente de nuestra marca.

Av. El Dorado No. 103 - 09
Teléfono: +57 (1) 805-2929
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7 Mayo 2010 - 1:33pm
Camposol S.A.

CAMPOSOL is the leading agroindustrial company in Peru and the largest exporter of asparagus in the world. The company owns all the fields where its products are planted and harvested, having total control of the growing, harvesting and packing phases of its final products.

The lines of CAMPOSOL products include: Asparagus, Piquillo Peppers, Avocados, Mangoes and Grapes, which are packed fresh, frozen or canned, and exported to our world markets.

By being a vertically integrated business, from the growing fields to the finished products, CAMPOSOL guarantees that only products of the highest quality are the ones that are being offered to our wide range of customers.

Michael Horney
Francisco Graña 155 Urb. Santa Catalina
Teléfono: +51 (1) 621-0800
Fax: +51 (1) 321-0800
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29 Abr 2010 - 9:36am

Welcome to Citromax S.A.C.I., one of the world’s premier growers of lemons and producers of oils and juices for more than 40 years. Since installing our agro-industrial complex in Tucumán in 1964, we have become the first name in citrus and the cornerstone of the Citromax family of companies that today includes flavor and fragrance companies in Argentina, Brazil and the U.S.

Citromax S.A.C.I.
Ruta Provincial 315 y Avenida Roca
Tafi Viejo, T 4103
Teléfono: +54 (381) 4513-000
Fax: +54 (381) 4513-020
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25 Jul 2014 - 7:46pm
Citrus Tree

Citrus Tree represents, with pride, a considerable share of the market and its Tahiti lime production is tracked through a computerized system, which follows the embryo plants all the way to the consumers.
The identification codes guarantee thorough care regarding biological control and organic nutrition.
The limes are harvested by trained personnel and are manipulated with specific equipment in order to guarantee and preserve maximum quality.
After the limes are transported in plastic containers to the climatized packing house, they are carefully cleaned and selected electronically according to size and color. Once this process is finished, there is a security pause to ensure quality.

Sítio da Chuva - Rodovia SP 340, km 149 Pirapitingui
Mogi Mirim, SP
Teléfono: + 55 19 3806.9110
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9 Oct 2014 - 7:42pm
Conservas Los Angeles

A chilean enterprise founded December 1975, in the city of Los Angeles, Chile.

Owns a plant located in Los Angeles, Chile, that produces Dried Rosehips, Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Brined Mushrooms and Rosehip Oil.

Owns commercial offices and warehouses in Santiago.

This enterprise exports its products to Germany, Sweden, France, U.S.A., Japan, and other areas of the world.

At customer's request can produce goods different than those listed herein.

Avda. Alemania 523
Los Angeles, BI
Teléfono: +56 (43) 313267
Fax: +56 (43) 323500
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5 Abr 2011 - 5:56pm
Copefrut S.A.

Presently, Copefrut exports its products to more than 40 countries. We are acknowledged as a leader in the fruit industry, fulfilling our commitment to our clients, share holders, workers, suppliers and the community. Our success is a consequence of a steady effort, focusing its management on people, new technologies? development and industry forecasting.

Longitudinal Sur Km. 185 Casilla 22 D
Curicó, ML
Teléfono: +56 (75) 209220 / 209217
Fax: +56 (75) 380905
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19 Abr 2011 - 3:02pm
Costa de Oro Internacional S.A.

Frozen Fruit and Vegetable Division

Industrial IQF Fruits

We offer the following sizes on 10 kg and 40 lb in blue low density polybags in corrugated boxes

Other size packaging is available upon request

Private Label Fruits and Vegetables

Our line of Tropical fruits and vegetables is available under our own brands FRUTTYDICE and COSTA DE ORO as well as in Private Label Brands.

P.O BOX 11052-1000
San José
Costa Rica
Teléfono: (506) 2272-2293
Fax: (506) 2272-2636
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16 Sep 2010 - 1:56pm

DAFF tiene como misión proveer alimentos de alta calidad a la población del país y a mercados externos. Para esto centramos nuestros esfuerzos en el desarrollo de productos de agradable sabor y valor nutricional apropiado para cada grupo etario.

Cada día cientos de miles de niños chilenos reciben nuestros productos a través de las raciones alimenticias que entrega el “Programa de Alimentación Escolar" de la Junta de Auxilio Escolar y Becas (JUNAEB).

Así también, otros miles de trabajadores y profesionales de variadas industrias reciben estas raciones alimenticias a través de sus casinos institucionales.

Creemos en una “cultura de la excelencia”. Mediante rigurosos sistemas aseguramos la calidad de nuestros procesos, desde las materias primas hasta el producto terminado.

Gracias a un equipo humano comprometido con esta filosofía de trabajo, hemos establecido elevados estándares de cumplimiento, tanto en los tiempos de entrega, la presentación y calidad de nuestros productos.

El alto nivel de satisfacción de nuestros clientes y el crecimiento experimentado por nuestra empresa, nos avalan como una de las principales empresas de desarrollos de alimentos.

"En DAFF nos gusta lo que hacemos. Trabajamos con entusiasmo en el mundo de los alimentos, desde donde podemos ayudar a mejorar la calidad de vida de nuestros consumidores."
Panamericana Norte Km. 16 #16950,
Teléfono: +56 (2) 240 52 00
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3 Abr 2012 - 7:04am

We are an export and import company in Brazil. Located in Mogi Mirim, in São Paulo State. We provide products with high quality control. Our clients are served with a fast and efficient logistic system available in the market, creating excellent business opportunities.

Our Main Goal is to provide Healthy Products combined with Ethical Business situations looking at the Environment Protection, Human Relations, respecting Local and International Labor Requirements and creating opportunities to improve any process of the Food Logistic

Av. da Saúde, 112 - Saúde
Mogi Mirim, SP CEP 13800 700
Teléfono: +55 (19) 3804 1212
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16 Nov 2010 - 3:58pm
David Del Curto S.A.

David Del Curto S.A., leader in the fruit export business. Since It’s founding in the year 1953 it has become the pioneer company in the fruit industry in Chile. Thanks to the significant history and tradition it has been able to become a brand of prestige and renowned quality in the most important markets of the world.

Being 100% Chilean, the company has achieved a detailed knowledge of Chile; its geography, climates and products. This has allowed that today, David Del Curto S.A. is present through all the productive valleys participating throughout the process chain that fruit exportation involves.

Due to the interest for continual development, David Del Curto S.A. is permanently concerned of research, development and adaptation of new technologies, operational systems and marketing strategies which help optimize the company’s results and client satisfaction. For the same objective, the company counts with the main certifications that ensure that all projects answer to the current market demands.

A tradition of effort, quality and entrepreneurship are some of the characteristics which have allowed David Del Curto S.A. to deliver the best of Chile.

Edificio Plaza Américas
Av. Vitacura 5250, Oficina 502
Teléfono: +56 (2) 3622701
Fax: +56 (2) 3622777
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3 Mayo 2011 - 11:24am

Empresa seria y responsable Desarrollando tecnologías sustentables y eficientes para los procesos productivos , activando y cuidando la economía agropecuaria , y la calidad de sus productos en un entorno saludable. Por medio de una plataforma de servicio técnico de investigación y comercial, con el respaldo de empresas Francesas lideres en el procesamiento de insumos a nivel mundial

Silicio Orgánico

Área Agrícola

Funciones del Silicio Diatomix en el campo

Aumenta la absorción del Fósforo en suelos arenosos y la captación del Potasio (K).
• Aumenta la supervivencia de los microorganismos en suelos, optimizando la fertilidad
• Desbloquea y pone disponibles los nutrientes del suelo y sean asimilables por la planta.
• Mejora las condiciones de suelos desintoxicando de agro tóxicos
• Forma una capa doble cuticular en las paredes de las células epidérmicas de hojas y raíces
• Mejora la resistencia a estrés ,altas temperaturas, heladas y sequías.
• crea una capa protectora (silicificación), produciendo un efecto repelente a insectos y plagas.
• Capacidad de almacenamiento y distribución de carbohidratos a través de una mejor fotosíntesis.
• Fortalece la inflorescencia y fertilidad del polen.
• Mayor Vida de anaquel ya que aumenta la consistencia, pulpas y espesor de la corteza
• Aumento de la calidad alimentaria ,mayor concentración de Fito nutrientes, grados Brix, y antioxidantes.

Área Pecuaria


Endo y Exo Desparasitante.
Acondicionador del bolo Alimenticio( Propicia una mejor y mayor absorción de nutrimentos).
Mejora la conversión alimenticia
Mejora la calidad alimentaria de la leche y sus derivados, carnes y huevo.
Regula y minimiza la emisión de los gases propiciados por las excretas.
Control de población de mosca.
FDA considera seguro su consumo y permite agregar este insumo hasta
un 2 % en los productos alimenticios para uso pecuario.

Mantenimiento y Control en Silos

Por su estructura actúa como Anti-fluidifican te y Anti-apelmazan-te
Evitando un medio propicio para el desarrollo de hongos y bacterias.

Protege el grano creando un sello protector contra insectos.

Actúa como res-balante

Referencias y normas

NORMA Oficial Mexicana NOM-037-FITO-1995, Por la que se establecen las especificaciones del proceso de producción y procesamiento de productos agrícolas orgánicos.


EPA—7631-86-9 Dióxido de silicio ‖aparece bajo la Lista 4A - Riesgo mínimo Ingrediente inerte. (OPP Código química No: 7260585) ingrediente de insecticida y / o acaricida para su uso para controlar una variedad de insectos / ácaros . viviendas domésticas / comerciales, jardines ornamentales, perreras, y en animales domésticos

FDA-En 21 CFR § 172.480 El dióxido de silicio se expresan - (a) El aditivo alimentario .

Anti aglomerante ,estabilizador ,absorbente ,auxiliar.

Atendemos el mercado nacional e internacional.

Para mayores informes:

contactar por vía mail y nos comunicamos en breve para darle atención y servicio.

Commercial Management
ZAPOPAN 450200
Teléfono: 3300000000
Fax: 3300000000
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casos de exito
fresa en jocotepec Jalisco
19 Sep 2014 - 12:12am
Ditzler Chile

Quiénes somos
Una subsidiaria autónoma de una compañia Suiza, con más de cincuenta años de experiencia en productos congelados y preparados de frutas.
Qué somos
Una compañia de produción moderna, de alta capacidad y de primer nivel en la industria chilena de alimentos congelados y preparados de fruta para la industria láctea.
Preparados de fruta para la industria láctea
Nuestras mermeladas y pulpas se utilizan en la elaboración de yoghurts, helados, sorbetes otros productos propios de la industria láctea. Procesamos frutas cuidadosamente seleccionadas en cuanto a madurez, color y sabor. Nuestros altamente desarrollados procesos de producción garantizan mermeladas con buenos trozos de frutas, hasta frutas enteras. Cumplimos con los más exigentes requisitos de nuestros clientes, para que a su vez ellos puedan entregar un producto de primera calidad al consumidor.
Con este fin desarrollamos continuamente nuevos sabores, combinaciones de frutas y nuevas tecnologías de aplicación. Asimismo, contamos con un dinámico servicio técnico para asistir a nuestros clientes en toda América Latina.
Productos congelados
Frutas y Hortalizas congeladas para la Industria, Instituciones y en retail.

  • Frutas: Frutillas, Frambuesas, Moras, Cerezas, Damascos, Duraznos, Kiwi, Uvas etc.
  • Hortalizas: Espàrragos, Hongos silvestres etc.
Michael Brogle
Camino Santa Marta No. 2001 Maipú
Teléfono: +56 (2) 598 2000
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22 Jul 2014 - 6:51pm
DJ's Berry Patch

DJ's is committed to providing our customers with the freshest and finest varieties of strawberries and other spring and summer produce. The fall brings pumpkins and mums. DJ's Berry Patch is a pre-picked or pick-your-own Strawberry and Produce Farm.
In addition to our deliciously sweet berries, you'll find tomatoes, sweet corn, watermelon, cantaloupe and more available at our farm market each spring. You can also find our produce at local markets including: Holly Springs Farmers Market and Apex Farmers Market.

Growing our own berries and spring/summer produce allows us to hand pick our fruit and vegetables fresh each morning at their individual peak of ripeness.

1223 Salem Church Road
Apex, NC 27523
Estados Unidos
Teléfono: (919) 600-4020
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3 Mayo 2016 - 12:25pm
Domex Superfresh Growers

The history of the Kershaw Companies in the Yakima Valley began more than 125 years ago when our family headed west from Philadelphia and one of the eight children in the family, my great, great grandfather Robert Kershaw, decided to settle in the Naches Valley. Originally, Robert Kershaw focused on raising cattle, but the expanded availability of irrigation water following the passage of the Reclamation Act of 1902 encouraged him to move into fruit ranching. We started with pear orchards and added apples shortly thereafter.

Over the years, the Kershaw Companies have grown into a vertically integrated organization to include farming, warehousing, sales, marketing and logistic services. In 1981 my brother Bob and I, members of the fourth generation of Kershaws in the Yakima Valley, launched Domex Superfresh Growers to help us bring our fruit and other growers fruit to market. The Company is now led by fifth generation Robert Kershaw, President.

151 Low Road
Yakima, WA 98908
Estados Unidos
Teléfono: 509.966.1814
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18 Sep 2015 - 7:21pm