Directorio de Productores, Exportadores y Compañías de Alimentos


Dried Fruit Export
We continuously export to more than 20 countries worldwide to leading companies in their markets, fulfilling the highest quality standards.
We process:

  • Uvilla (Goldenberry, Inca Berry, Sunberry)
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Banana

Fresh Fruit Export
Terrafresco is our company branch in charge of exporting fresh fruit.  We control the entire productive cycle of our products.

We are ready to serve you!

Our fruit products are:

  • Uvilla (Goldenberry, Inca   Berry, Sunberry)
  • Mango
David Bermeo
La Fontaine #73 Interior. 3B Polanco
HID 11560
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Inca Berry
17 Mar 2011 - 1:42pm
The Vegpro Group

The Vegpro Group is one of the leading growers, processors and exporters of prepared and pre-pack vegetables and high quality roses to the UK and mainland European supermarket trade. We export in the region of 250 tonnes per week of vegetables and 2 million stems of roses. We also have a substantial rose top-graft business supplying Kenyan and regional rose producers with up to 7,500,000 top-grafts per annum.

We are known for innovation and currently are making large investments in hydroponic vegetable production, new crops such as asparagus and raspberries and new farming and packing facilities.


The Group grows most of its own produce on six wholly owned farms located throughout the highlands of Kenya. We also have long term production agreements with a number of very large scale outgrowers and small holder groups which are closely controlled by our staff.

All our production is Eurepgap certified.

By spreading production and taking advantage of various microclimates, an all year round continuity of supply is assured. A wide range of vegetable crops are grown including runner beans, french beans, mangetout and sugar snap peas, baby carrots, salad onions and baby corn, as well as other speciality items specifically used as ingredients in the prepared product mixes.

Our roses are grown in modern greenhouses on four farms, either directly in the ground or by using Hydroponics systems. All fertiliser and irrigation applications are centrally controlled by computers to ensure the highest quality product. We also have a “state of the art” propagation unit where rose top grafts are produced, both for our own rose plantings and also for sale to other rose growers.

In total, we have over 2,500ha of production land; we plant over 45ha of vegetable crops per week and have 100 Ha of flower production.  We are also developing soft fruit production, mainly focused on strawberry production.


All our production is centrally processed in our modern air conditioned facilities located within the cargo terminal of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi.
Here we have the ability to process and pack up to 40 tonnes per day of pre-packed and prepared vegetables that are then flown nightly to the European market. Our location within the airport means that products can be delivered to flights shortly before departure time, thus ensuring that there is no break in the cool chain.

Po Box 19226
Nairobi 00501 JKIA
Teléfono: +254 (20) 822831
Fax: +254 (20) 352008
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30 Abr 2010 - 7:54pm
Trikala Farms Ltd.

Trikala Farms Ltd. is a leading grower and exporter of agriculture products established in 2005 in Trikala-Greece. The company provides the European Market with Fresh fruits & Vegetables.

The company located in the fertile “Thessaly Valley", in the centre of the Greek mainland, produces some of the outstanding traditional and nutritional agricultural products found in Greece.

Trikala Farms Ltd. uses the most modern methods of cultivation and logistics as well as high technology machinery & packaging systems.

Trikala Farms products are produced under the supervision of its own agronomists to ensure the highest possible quality standards.

All the produce complies with GlobalGap, ISO22000 & TNC standards.

Our Products

  • Squash
    • Butternut
    • Muscat
    • Kabocha
    • Decorative
  • Sweet Potatoes
    • Red Flesh Georgia Jet
  • Melons
    • Yello Bello
    • Galia
    • Mini Water Melon
Filira 42100
Teléfono: +30 210 6120090
Fax: +30 210 6120383
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19 Nov 2010 - 10:57am
Triple J Produce

Triple J Produce, Inc. is located in Sims, NC. We are a family owned business operated by Mike, Jay, and Joey Hocutt. Our family has been involved in farming for three generations. We raise a diversified line of crops and take great pride in producing quality fresh produce. Our largest crop are Sweet Potatoes, we grow 1,400 acres of conventional and 250 acres of Organic. In all we Farm over 5,000 acres, with 1,000 certified organic by 2017, including Tobacco, Wheat, and Soy Beans, along with our other produce.

At Triple J Produce, Inc. we are constantly making sure we stay compliant with Food Safety Regulations. We carry certification from GlobalG.A.P. for our Conventional produce. ICS certifies our Organics.

Conventional seasonal crops include; Sweet & Hot Banana Pepper, Sweet & Hot Cherry Pepper, and Jalapeño Peppers. Sweet Potatoes we pack year round, and are packaged in bulk and microwavable.

Organic seasonal crops include; Asparagus, Acorn, Butternut, and Spaghetti Squash, and Red & White Potatoes. Sweet Potatoes we pack year round, and are packaged in bulk, 3# bags, and microwavable.

8507 Bailey Rd
Sims 27880
Estados Unidos
Teléfono: 252-235-0100
Fax: 252-966-2100
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27 Abr 2016 - 12:37pm
Via Néctare

A Via Néctare é uma empresa especializada na produção de polpas de frutas tropicais e possui um parque fabril totalmente adaptado as normas de qualidade exigidas pelo mercado nacional e internacional, para isto além de contar com profissionais altamente capacitados para as funções, também conta com modernos equipamentos, que garantem a qualidade e padronização de seus produtos.

Para garantir a pureza dos produtos em seu processo, utiliza matérias-primas selecionadas, de altíssima qualidade, fornecidas por algumas das mais conceituadas cooperativas e produtores de nossa Região e de vários estados.

A empresa conta também com moderno laboratório, onde são feitas todas as análises necessárias a garantir total integridade de seus produtos, seja na recepção das frutas durante o processo de fabricação e no produto final.

Contamos com a certificação HACCP pela SGS, o que demonstra nosso compromisso com as normas de fabricação de nossos produtos. Possuímos também a certificação Kosher e o registro no FDA.

Contamos ainda com o certificado para produtos orgânicos, IBD (Instituto Biodinâmico), o que nos permite produzir frutas tropicais orgânicas, além de possuir a certificação USDA, adequando os produtos Via Néctare aos padrões internacionais de comercialização.

Marcelo Stankunavicius
Rodovia SP 333 - Km 143
Taquaritinga 15900-000
Teléfono: +55 (16) 3253-9393
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14 Mar 2016 - 1:52pm
Wamu Investments

Wamu Investments is an indigenous private company founded in 1989 that produces and exports fresh fruits and vegetables to Europe and the Middle East. It is registered by the Horticultural Crop Development Authority of Kenya and is a member of the Fresh Produce Association of Kenya among others.
The company gets its produce from its own five farms located in different regions of the country at different altitudes. This ensures that we are able to grow different products all year around.
In addition the company also subcontracts small scale farmers to supplement the production from the farms. Wamu organizes the out growers into synergetic groups which we then support by supplying them with inputs on credit and on subsidized prices, technical assistance on safe use of pesticides and environment protection, and regular trainings on emerging farming trends. Our out-growers are closely supervised to ensure that they adhere to the set out standards.
As a company policy, all the farms and the out growers are Global gap certified and are continuously trained. All the farms adhere to sound environmental farming practices and are under irrigation, meaning that production can be carried out throughout the year, in response to market demand.
Wamu has the capacity to greatly increase its current volumes and is actively seeking new markets to expand into.

Airport North Road, Embakasi
Nairobi 00504
Teléfono: +254 20 823441
Fax: +254 20 824991
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14 Mar 2016 - 12:30pm
Wayne E. Bailey Produce Company, Inc

Wayne E. Bailey Produce (WEB) provides sweet potatoes for retail, foodservice, fresh cut, processing, and international markets around the world. WEB uses advanced industry technology to provide foodservice reliability with accurately sized, high-quality sweet potatoes. We offer a wide variety of choices to restaurant and institutional food suppliers—ranging from the jumbo 25-count for institutional use and 30-35 count for restaurants, all the way up to 200-count for those who use smaller sweet potatoes. The company offers a multiple process grade of sweet potatoes that help food service customers develop French fries, cole slaw, hash browns, chips, and diced, sliced and cubed products. WEB sells processed grades of sweet potatoes to canneries. We also ship sweet potatoes to manufacturers of chips, baby foods and to dehydrated plants. Wooten foresees selling dehydrated sweet potatoes in the future.

WEB has been selling sweet potatoes internationally for well over a dozen years. The company has had an excellent reception for its products in Europe and eastern Canada and has been shipping 6-kilo containers of sweet potatoes to London and Puerto Rico. They expect to increase their off-shore business in the future because these markets have been expanding over the last few years.

WEB grows five varieties of sweet potatoes:

490 Old U.S. Highway 74 P.O. Box 467
Chadbourn, NC 28431-0467
Estados Unidos
Teléfono: 910.654.5163
Fax: 910.654.4734
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2 Mayo 2016 - 8:56am
Woni Exporters Ltd.

From humble beginnings in 1987, Woni is a family-based business that has been recognized today as one of the most admired exporters of fruits and vegetables from Africa that meet international quality standards. Our reach is truly global as we supply the best quality products across Africa, Western Europe and the Middle East. Thanks to Woni’s well established name, the organization is poised to expand its horizons by exporting products to other regions and continents that seek only the best in horticultural products.

Our mission is to create a harmonious supply chain that satisfies our clients with Safe and High Quality Produce at one end and provides sustainable incomes and a high standard of living for our team and select small scale contract farmers.
We achieve this through our family oriented culture, high level of professionalism, teamwork, flexibility, and most importantly, our highly trained staff.

Our farmers also receive Woni’s full-hearted support in expanding their potential and in establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the company. This is done through:

Strict contracts indemnifying them of non-delivery and indemnifying us for non-collection of produce
Comprehensive feedback program
Competitive prices paid on a 15 day basis
Farm management training labeled "Turning the subsistence mind into a commercial mindset"
Field extension workers at a ratio 10 to 1
Continuous GAP training
Business expansion support for the loyal growers
Woni Veg – Fru Exporters & Importers Ltd
Enterprise Road 6th Floor – Kenya Commercial Bank Building
Teléfono: +254 020 714 5205
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4 Mar 2016 - 2:52pm
Woni Exporters, Ltd.

Established in 1987, Woni is a family owned business that has been supplying high quality produce for over 2 decades. By introducing the practice of growing horticultural crops, we have made strides into various regions of Kenya, some of which were poverty stricken. 20% of our produce is grown on our own farms while 80% is sourced from contract farmers. Production is controlled by a team of Woni’s well trained and dedicated field staff who work in partnership with the farm managers and out growers.

Woni makes every effort to maintain a harmonious and stable work environment for its staff. The organization is actively engaged in environmental protection practices.
6th Floor – Kenya Commercial Building, Enterprise Road, Industrial Area P.O. Box 52115 – 00200
Teléfono: +254 20 55 94 09
Fax: +254 20 65 03 50
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18 Mar 2011 - 11:12am
Zamora Citrus

The company is committed to the environment, his personal customers and suppliers.
ZAMORA CITRUS aims to meet the needs of its customers with the best and relieble product that meets all the requirements and guarantees required by the purchaser and the consumer.
Trains its personnel for specialized courses in subjects Safety, Hygiene and how to perform their duties and any who wish to make it possible for the purposes of which are high on different charges that can improve their way of life.

Avenida Constitución 1400
Tafi Viejo, T 4103
Teléfono: +54 (381) 4616346
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9 Nov 2011 - 4:28pm