Directorio de Productores, Exportadores y Compañías de Alimentos

Acrena, S.A.T.

SAT ACRENA commenced its business as a result of the initiative of a group of farmers who realised the advantages of forming an association in order to jointly market their produce.

Currently there are over 200 partners who market their production through the SAT, with an area of 340 Has. cultivated; seedlings have also own a production area of 5 Has. for cucumber and watermelon.
Rambla Bernal 6
El Ejido, AM 04710
Teléfono: +34 950 58 11 00
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15 Feb 2011 - 2:25pm
Adu Food Group

We are one professional foodstuff group, producing fruit and vegetable products for years. It invest in different factories branches, establish own planting base, science lab, workshops, mainly specializing in canned and frozen products.
We firmly believe that quality is the life of enterprise. It strictly control products quality, insist Green in whole process , and adopt international standard management. Its products are well popular on the markets of Europe, USA, Russia, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Korea,  Japan, ect, has gained good reputation. The factories have successfully passed the authentication in, HACCP, ISO22000, BRC, HACCP, the U.S. FDA Registration, KOSHER, USDA Organic etc. 100% green, 100% safe, 100% quality and 100% healthy food project.
Adu Food Group Limited has objective to provide you with high quality. This applies not only  the products we have in our stores, but also our way of operation, and the service we would like to provide to you.
We are committed to achieve sustained, profitable growth by consistently providing high quality products and services to our customers,committed to the continual improvement of our qualitymanagement system by monitoring, measuring, reviewing and updating our quality objectives.The products that we supply will comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements. To secure you with high quality products.

Ms Anya
No.26, Yanqing Road
Yantai City
Teléfono: + 86-535-6323680
Fax: +86-535-6323683
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16 Dic 2011 - 11:00am

Agra Produção e Exportação Ltda
We are a Brazilian company focused on the commercialization of agricultural fresh produce, distinguished by our high quality and international standards applied to our whole process: technical assistance to grower, harvest, selection and fruit treatment, packing, logistics and distribution (land, air or sea way shipped) and post sales service.
We started our activities in 1995 focused on fresh papaya commercialization. Since our beginning we are located in Linhares, at the North of Espirito Santo. Espirito Santo, our State, is an important producer of papaya, cacao, coffee, ginger and many others.
In 1996 we made the first papaya shipment to Europe, and in 2000 we were approved by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to export papaya to the USA (we are the third Brazilian company approved), starting since then our operations in this country.
Step by step we started to commercialize other fruits and roots like mango, fig, lemon, avocado, passion fruit, pineapple, eddo and ginger. Brazil is the third biggest fruit producer in the world (approximately 40 millions of tons per year), and we have the commitment to deliver the best Brazilian fruits to all our customers in or outside the country.
Nowadays we work with national supermarket chains and clients in Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Sweden and the United States.

Rodovia BR-101 Norte, km 121, s/n Córrego da Paciência
Linhares , ES CEP 29900-000
Teléfono: +55 (27) 2103-2000
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24 Jul 2014 - 5:55pm

Frutícola Agrichile S.A., empresa establecida desde 1991 en Chile, es una sociedad agroindustrial que se dedica a la producción, compraventa, procesamiento y exportación de la avellana europea, y presta también servicios de provisión de plantas y de apoyo técnico para desarrollo, cuidado y explotación de plantaciones de avellanos europeos.

Fruticola Agrichile SA.
La Florida del bajo - Hijuela Nº 1 Los Niches
Curico , ML
Teléfono: +56 071-1971899 / 071-1974705
Fax: +56 071-1974704 Anexo 206
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22 Jul 2014 - 6:32pm
Agrícola Chapi

Somos un grupo de empresarios que, desde 1997, trabaja en el Perú afianzando su enorme potencial agro-exportador. Nuestro propósito es demostrarle al mundo la riqueza de nuestra tierra y sus frutos a través de Agrícola Chapi. Por ello, exportamos productos agrícolas frescos y de calidad hacia los mercados más exigentes de Europa, Estados Unidos, Asia y Australia.

Jose Angel Moya
Juan Pablo Fernandini 142 Urb. Luren
Teléfono: +51 (56) 239134
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28 Abr 2010 - 1:09pm

Agente - intermediario al 3% en futuras ventas de parcelas al oeste de Argentna estado de Mendoza y San Juan.Inversor los espero en mendoza - Capital. Estado zona ideal viñedos..todas las propiedades con riego.Gastos de ir a los lugares a su cargo Turistas No.El estado posee Puerto seco.(exporte a Asia) x Chile.Parcelas en el llano o bien en Montañas....!!!

city 5500
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montañas de mendoza estado
18 Sep 2015 - 9:04am
Agrofoods Central Valley Chile SA

Agrofoods started its operations in the year 2000 under the name of Agrofrut Rengo right after acquiring the fruit and vegetable processing plant of Uniliver Chile. Since then, we have invested in new technology and effective processes to grant supplying high quality food products to our local as well as the global market, thus positioning Agrofoods as one of the largest and most diversifieds agri-food companies in Chile

Lidia García Andrade
Ruta H 716 s/n,
Teléfono: +56 (72) 387-400
Fax: +56 (72) 387-387
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14 Jul 2010 - 1:47pm
Agroindustria AgroCepia SA

Agrocepia is a leading Chilean company that produces and sells a wide variety of dehydrated products for the international food industry. Agrocepia combines high safety products and service of excellence to meet the needs of the customers.

The industrial plant is located in the Maule Valley, agricultural area well-known for its climate and soil that provide the ideal conditions for producing high quality fruits primarily oriented towards export markets.

Since its foundation in 1987, the company has committed to working in innovative and customized solutions required by the ever changing food business. Agrocepia has consolidated a position as the most specialized and reliable producer of dehydrated apple, either conventional or organic, being able to offer a wide range of fruit products for specific applications of its customers such as confectionery, cereals and bakery among others.

Focusing on high value ingredients, Agrocepia has achieved a well established reputation and a strong market position throughout the world. The company operates facilities with HACCP and BRC certifications and it is a proud participant on the GMA SAFE audit program. Additionally, the ingredients manufactured are Kosher certified. The main goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of the customers in relation to food safety.

Longitudinal Sur Nº 90 P.O. Box 457
Talca, ML
Teléfono: +56 (71) 244-910
Fax: +56 (71) 617-620
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14 Jul 2010 - 1:59pm
Agroindustrias AIB S.A.

23 años de experiencia nos respaldan en la elaboración y comercialización de productos alimenticios de alta calidad que se distribuyen en los mercados mas exigentes a nivel mundial. Esto convierte a Agroindustrias AIB en una empresa líder del sector agroindustrial.

Más de 3000 hectáreas manejados bajo las normas de Buenas Practicas Agrícolas, nos proveen de magníficos vegetales y frutas, como ESPARRAGOS, ALCACHOFAS PIMIENTOS PIQUILLO, JALAPEÑOS, LIMONES, CAMU-CAMU, MARACUYA Y MANGOS.
Estos campos implementados con modernos sistemas de riego, están estratégicamente ubicados sobre la costa norte y sur del Perú, lo que nos permite aprovechar integralmente las zonas agrícolas mas ricas y la variedad de cultivos que nos convierten en la EMPRESA AGROINDUSTRIAL MAS DIVERSIFICADA DEL PERÚ.

Axel Bohmer
Av Ricardo Palma 894 Miraflores
Teléfono: +51 (1) 241-4500
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28 Abr 2010 - 11:13am

Agrupalmeria is one of Almeria’s leading horticultural companies and is dedicated to the sale of tomatoes in its wider varieties.

With an experience of over 40 years in marketing fresh produce currently working with most of the European Economic Community and Eastern countries.

Every day hundreds of thousands of kilos leave our docks path of target markets and our facilities are emptied daily and filled with new product, relentlessly confirmed as a guarantee of service and first class product.

The story is the same story Agrupalmería than the unstoppable development of tomatoes in the area of La Cañada-Nijar. A land blessed by sun, soil and water and is responsible, along with the experience of farmers with whom we cooperate, the product that day day goes by our facilities.

On the other hand, we are the leading global auction Raf tomato, the tomato variety most exquisite and exclusive, that every day is becoming more demanded by the most discerning palates.

Crta. de Nijar, Km. 8 (Frente a Aeropuerto)
La Cañada, AM 04120
Teléfono: +34 950 29 06 60
Fax: + 34 950 293 548
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22 Abr 2011 - 7:07pm
Al Noorani Exports

Bringing Freshness & Taste from the Mother Nature

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Exporter

True to the line of Agricultural sector, which is the backbone in the progress of any nation Al Noorani Exports, has also helped in the progress of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables trade. The company is actively engaged in the Trade and export of the fresh Fruits and vegetable.

In addition to this, we are also recognized as one of the most trustworthy Exporters of Long Green Chilli, Red Pomegranates, Green Curry Leaves, etc. In a very short span, we have spread our wings to the regions of France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, UK, Sweden, Canada, UAE, Middle East, and many more. Additionally, we have also implemented every minute innovation in our processing procedures to meet the diversified needs of the clients. Moreover, we have catered to the needs of various well-reputed Shopping malls, hotels, food courts, etc. Last but not the least with the global exposure of 9 years, our company has paved the path of consistent growth by identifying the exact requirement of the esteemed clients

Mr. Hussein A Bhanu
9th Gayakwadi Corner, Bhistiwad
Rajkot, GJ 360001
Teléfono: +91-9825963175
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18 Mar 2011 - 10:32am
Alimentos SAS S.A.

Alimentos SAS S.A. es una compañía localizada en Bogotá, Colombia, con 28 años en el mercado colombiano de alimentos procesados, con cubrimiento a nivel Nacional en todas sus líneas, que comprenden principalmente derivados de frutas, como pulpas, frutas congeladas individualmente (enteras y trozos) y jugos. La  compañía se fundó en 1981 y ha definido su misión como la de proveer al consumidor alimentos de excelente calidad y beneficios trabajando junto con los productores y comerciantes en el desarrollo de un sistema eficiente, rentable y con una alta concepción del servicio y la fidelidad.

Luis Fernando Trujillo Arango
Diagonal 19D No 39-20
Teléfono: +57 (1) 405-8899
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Alimentos SAS S.A.
Alimentos SAS S.A.
Alimentos SAS S.A.
Alimentos SAS S.A.
Alimentos SAS S.A.
Alimentos SAS S.A.
7 Abr 2013 - 8:13am
Almeval S.A.

Our commitment whith quality, our presence during the lenght of the production process and the geographical zone that our lands are located, allow us to offer a product with outstanding characteristics.

The handling of reduced volumes, the continuous quality control and the meticulous selection that is conducted, allow us to deliver an almond with great physical presence that is ideal for being exposed in open displays or for the decoration of bakery or chocolate products.

Product Details:


  • Varieties: Non pareil, Solano, Carmel, IXL and Drake.
  • Packaging:Polipropileno bag of 25 Kg. (or 50 pounds)


    • Size: 18/20, 20/22, 23/25, 25/27, 27/30

    • Packaging: Cardboard box of 5 Kg, 10 Kg or 50 Lbs. Includes an interior perforated plastic bag.
    • Size: 18/20, 20/22, 23/25, 25/27, 27/30

    • Packaging: Cardboard box of 5 Kg, 10 Kg or 50 Lbs. Includes an interior perforated plastic bag.
    • Size: 20/22, 23/25, 25/27, 27/30

    • Packaging: Cardboard box of 5 Kg, 10 Kg or 50 Lbs. Includes an interior perforated plastic bag.
    • Principally Ruby, Thomson and Merced.

    • Size: 20/22, 23/25, 25/27, 27/30
    • Packaging: Cardboard box of 5 Kg, 10 Kg or 50 Lbs. Includes an interior perforated plastic bag.
Fundo Los Sauces
Camino Los Bajos de Santa Cruz 1785
Padre Hurtado
Teléfono: +56 (2) 811-1443
Fax: +56 (2) 834-1980
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11 Nov 2010 - 2:23pm
Alta Natura Peru Export S.A.C


ALTA NATURA es una empresa dedicada a cultivar y procesar alimentos andinos del peru .
contamos con propios cultivos en los andes del peru , mantenimiento de esa manera una mejor calidad organica y un mejor precio , ha diferencia de otras empresas que , compran la materia prima , para luego procesarlo en sus plantas , siendo sus precios mas elevados y sin llevar un control devido si el producto procesado es 100% organico .
Nosotros Ofrecemos “SUPERINGREDIENTS”: Productos 100% naturales, procesados de manera que se preserven la mayor cantidad de activos .
Contamos con diversas presentaciones: polvo, trozos, frutos , tuberculos , semillas , dependiendo de las necesidades del cliente.
Nuestros productos cuentan con fichas técnicas y cumplen especificaciones exigentes de todos los mercados.



Teléfono: 0511-3813207
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Contamos con 100 hectareas de maca seca  con certificacion organica , brindadoles un mejor producto final .
2 Mar 2015 - 7:00am
Andrade Sun Farms Agrocomercial Ltda

Andrade Sun Farms counts on more than 38 years of experience on vegetables, fruit, specially citrus like Tahiti lime, working country and worldwide, always with high quality products.

Rodovia SP 340 – Km 149 – Sítio da Chuva
Mogi Mirim, SP 13800-070
Teléfono: +55 (19) 3802-1215
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22 Jul 2014 - 6:03pm
AurAndina SAC

Wawasana es una marca de tés de hierbas arcaicas que viene del quechua wawa, que significa bebe o criatura y del español sana, que significa estado saludable y también curativo. Línea dedicada a solucionar problemas cotidianos de saludud, diseñando siempre productos efectivos, de alta calidad y con altos estándares de garantía y seguridad

Alfredo Menacho
Mz. "C" Lt. 3, Urb. La Concordia, Villa el Salvador Carretera Panamericana Sur Km. 17.4
Teléfono: +51 (1) 7191506
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28 Abr 2010 - 11:26am

Fundada en 2007, Bananitas es una empresa samaria dedicada a la producción, distribución y comercialización de productos alimenticios de la mejor calidad; que ofrece un amplio y delicioso portafolio para los distintos momentos de consumo y para los diversos gustos y estilos de vida de clientes y consumidores.

Usando como principal ingrediente el exquisito, autóctono y reconocido banano de la bahía de Santa Marta, la empresa ha centrado su trabajo y crecimiento en la producción de un snack a base de banano verde (green banana chips) que actualmente se distribuye en sabor natural, limón, pollo y BBQ. Adicionalmente y para satisfacer los gustos diversos de sus clientes, Bananitas ha complementado su oferta alimenticia a través de marcas y productos como Tocinetas, Chicharrones y RicoMix.

El continúo aporte que Bananitas hace al progreso de la región caribe y en general al desarrollo del país se ha construido brindando productos e ingredientes cultivados y elaborados con los más altos estándares de calidad; incorporando tecnologías limpias en su proceso de producción; generando empleo y bienestar a diferentes hogares a través de la contratación de madres cabeza de familia; promoviendo la capacitación permanente de su personal de trabajo; preservando el medio ambiente y llevando al mundo la buena imagen y los sabores de Colombia.

Bananitas quiere ser reconocida una empresa alimenticia que lleva a Colombia lo mejor de Santa Marta y que entrega al mundo un pedazo de Colombia.

Calle 12 # 16e - 110
Santa Marta
Teléfono: (57) 5 421 1976
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10 Oct 2015 - 10:25am
Bayas del Sur

Bayas del Sur makes you innovate

In times of global challenge, food quality and constant innovations are primary concerns.
Our clear and cloudy concentrates, pulps and purees help you achieve transparent, crystal-clear and color-intense products that make your range stand out against any competitor.

With our process assistance, you will be able to develop new and exciting flavors for your specific market needs. Let´s talk!

Miguel A. Montes
Ruta 5 Sur km 950
Teléfono: +56 (64) 35 16 19
Fax: +56 (64) 35 14 68
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8 Dic 2010 - 9:04pm
Bela Iaçá

Founded in 2003, Bela Iaçá is located 40 miles from Belem, in Pará State, one of the Amazonian states in Brazil. With well-trained engineers and technicians and modern production facilities, Bela Iaçá activity grew astonishingly rapidly within five years. The company is nowadays one of the biggest fruit processing industries in the Amazonian region and distinguishes itself through the excellence of its products and services.

Our core activity is the processing of premium quality açaí berries. Our pulp assortment includes also: Bacuri, Cacau, Camu-Camu, Cupuaçu, Acerola, Passion fruit, Pineapple, Guava, Cashew, Taperebá, Soursop, Lime, Muruci, Uxi and Mango.


Bela Iaçá has been already exporting its products with great success to the United States, Canada, Japan, Israel and Europe through distributors and private label clients. Currently, 40% of Bela Iaçá production is aimed to the export market.

Travessa Duque de Caxias, Nº 250
Castanhal , PA 68.745 - 000
Teléfono: +55 91 3311 5600
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5 Nov 2015 - 7:12pm
Bio Stevia S.A.

Bio Stevia S.A. is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of Stevia Dietary Supplement "Erba Dolce". Bio Stevia S.A. uses a real stevia extract which has been laboratory tested and certified to contain a minimum of 90% Stevioside, including 60% rebaudoside A. This ingredient has many beneficial.

Bio Stevia offers a 100% natural alternative named Erba Dolce, the name of Stevia quality. Bio Stevia has begun a process of conquering new markets such as: United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, South America and The Middle East.

Therefore, Bio Stevia S.A. offers an excellent packaging for consumers that demand the highest quality of products.

Juan Manuel Mejía
Calle 8 No. 42 - 78
Teléfono: 5532139
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7 Mayo 2010 - 11:28am