Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC

100% Certified Organic Pecans
Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC, is proud to produce
 some of the best organic pecans ever grown, the
"American Native" pecan.



We are Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, MNPG, a company, already known for our sweet native conventional pecans, "Missouri Northern Pecans".  MNPG continues to obtain organic pecan certification in our quest to offer you the finest nuts available anywhere.

We have always guaranteed our pecans to be free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.  The organic pecan certification lets the public know that we are serious about offering a product that is not only healthy for them, but also protects the environment from unnecessary pollutants.  People are more conscientious about their food intake and possible health dangers connected with the use of pesticides and other chemicals.  This is evident by the increased amount of organic products that are now available in the stores.  From gourmet consumer to whole or retail consumer, our goal in obtaining organic pecan certification was to provide a natural product that tastes great and is good for a person.  We feel we have achieved that goal with our "American Native" pecans.


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