The fruit and vegetable market in Switzerland

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Overview of the market and access information for international trading companies.
In a European comparison, Switzerland has a small fruit and vegetable market. However, it is well developed and is characterised by supplies of exceptionally high quality. Half of all consumed fruit and vegetables is imported. Fruit and vegetables that can be traditionally and naturally cultivated in Switzerland are subject to a flexible import system. Should there be no domestic production of a certain fruit or vegetable, these products can be imported in unlimited quantities and at very low customs duties. Should demand exceed domestic production, tariff-rate quotas are released. Whenever local supplies are sufficient, it is only possible to import fruit and vegetables for a high customs duty. Where other products are concerned, in particular bananas, pineapples, exotic fruits, grapes, peaches, nectarines, citrus fruit and melons, the imports are not restricted with regard to quantity and customs duty.

Marjorie Chevalley