Hawaiian Noni

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Morinda citrifolia
The part s of t he noni plant most used for t heir medicinal and nutritional purposes are the fruit, seeds, bark, leaves, and flowers. Virtually every part of the noni plant is utilized for its individual medicinal properties; however, it is the fruit portion that is regarded as its most valuable. The seeds have a purgative action, the leaves are used to treat external inflammations and relieve pain, the bark has strong astringent properties and can treat malaria, the root extracts lower blood pressure, the flower essences relieve eye inflammations and the fruit has a number of medicinal actions.
Contents of the book:

  • Noni use and history
  • traditional uses of noni
  • Xeronine: the secret of noni?
  • Noni Processing
  • Modern medicinal applications of noni
Rita Elkins
Woodland Publishing