Morinda citrifolia (noni)

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Distribution: Native to Southeast Asia (Indonesia) and Australia, it now is found throughout the tropics.
Size: Typically 3–6 m (10–20 ft) tall at maturity. Habitat Widely adapted to the tropics, 1–800 m (0–2600 ft) depending on latitude, mean annual temperatures of 20–35°C (68–95°F), annual rainfall of 250–4000 mm (10–160in).
Vegetation: Associated with a wide range of common coastal and littoral forest shrubs, as well as numerous cultivated plants.
Soils: Grows in an extremely wide range of soils.
Growth rate: Moderate, generally 0.75–1.5 m/yr (2.5–5 ft/yr).
Main agroforestry: uses Coastal protection, homegardens.
Main products: Medicinal.
Yields: Up to 80,000 kg of fruit per hectare (71,000 lb/ac) annually.
Intercropping: Traditionally grown in mixed cropping systems throughout the Pacific.
Invasive potential: Has naturalized outside its native range in many locations throughout the Pacific and the tropics, although it is rarely considered a pest.

Scot C. Nelson
Permanent Agriculture Resources