Noni Cultivation and Production in Hawai‘i

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This article has an extensive coverage of diverse topics related to noni (Morinda citrifolia) cultivation and production in Hawai'i. Topics addressed in the article are:

  • Noni’s natural habitats
  • Cultivation practices for noni
    • Cultivation from seed

    • Vegetative propagation
    • Field cultivation
    • Varieties
    • Planting density
    • Pruning
    • Nutrition and fertilizer
  • Noni harvesting and yield
  • Pests and diseases of noni
    • Anthracnose
    • Shot hole
    • Black flag
    • Stem blight
    • Root knot
    • Major insect pest and sooty mold
    • List of approved pest control products for noni in Hawaii
  • Economics of noni farming
    • Startup cost
    • Additional assumptions
  • Noni production methods and practices
    • Noni fruit juices
    • “Traditional” noni juice: drip-extracted, fermented and aged, unadulterated
    • Fresh-squeezed noni juice (filtered, refrigerated or pasteurized)
    • Noni fruit and juice powders
    • Quality control issues
Scot C. Nelson
Proceedings of the 2002 Hawai‘i Noni Conference