Organic produce from the Republic of South Africa

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The market for organic food products in the Netherlands is growing; however, supply shortages are hampering the grow th of the market. The Republic of South Africa (RSA) has the advantage of being able to produce organic food products during the European winter seas on, as it is located in the southern hemisphere. Sourcing organic products from the RSA could therefore amelio- rate the current shortness of supply.
The aim of the research was to assess the conditions for enhancing the trade between the RSA and the Netherlands in four organic food product groups: vegetables, fruits/processed fruits, fruit juice, and wine. These product groups were chosen as they are already produc ed and traded between the Netherlands and the RSA. In addition, potential cross-seasonal trade opportunities for vege- tables and some fruits may exist, enab ling Dutch businesses to export to the RSA.

Yuca Waarts
Johan Bakker
Joost Snels
Myrtille Danse
LEI Wageningen UR