Postharvest Physiology and Quality Maintenance of Sliced Pear and Strawberry Fruits

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Sliced strawberries (cvs.'Pajaro' and 'G-3') and partially ripe pears (cv.'Bartlett') were dipped in various solutions (citric acid, ascorbic acid, and/or calcium chloride) and stored in air or in controlled atmospheres (CA) for 7 days at 2.5°C followed by one day at 20°C. Fruit slices respired at a higher rate than whole fruits at both temperatures. CA storage suppressed respiration and ethylene production rates of sliced fruits. Firmness of strawberry and pear slices was maintained by storage in air + 12% CO2 and in a 0.5% O2 atmosphere, respectively, or by dipping in 1% calcium chloride. These treatments also resulted in lighter colored pear slices than the air control treatment.

Joan C. Rosen
Adel A. Kader
Institute of Food Technologists