Taiwan - Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual

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Characteristics of the Taiwan Fruit Market

  • Among the world's highest per capita consumption of fresh fruit -- about 132 kg/ person
  • Imports as a percentage of total domestic fruit consumption -- 13% by value/15% by volume
  • Taiwan consumer preference for fruit: "the sweeter, the better"

Taiwan Apple Production
In MY 2011/12, local apple production fell to 1,667 metric tons (MT), a 24 percent drop from the previous year, continuing a downward trend since Taiwan's accession to the WTO in 2002. Local apple production is no longer profitable due to high labor and transportation costs, as well as competition from imports. In addition, increasing eco-awareness in Taiwan has hindered further exploitation of the mountain areas where Taiwan apples are grown.
Taiwan Apple Imports
In MY 2011/12, Taiwan imported 118,662 MT of apples, the lowest import level since 2004. A surge in shipments from Chile in MY 2010/11, pushed total imports to a record level that year but resulted in heavy competition and financial losses for importers. As a result, importers became much more cautious when placing orders in MY 2011/12, which contributed to the 20% decline. Despite this overall drop, importers actually increased their purchases of U.S. apples, allowing the United States to regain its former position as the leading supplier of apples to Taiwan. With a somewhat weaker local economy, Taiwan importers are expected to remain somewhat conservative, but total imports are still forecast to recover moderately to 130,000 MT in MY 2012-13.

Amy Chang
Chien Hsueh