Alimentos Funcionales, Nutracéuticos, Nutrientes

Content of Biogenic Elements and Fatty Acid Composition of Fenugreek Seeds Cultivated under Different Condition

  Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) is a medicinal plant that has been recognized for its numerous health benefits throughout the centuries. The species is a rich source of biogenic elements, and it has a favorable composition of fatty acids. This study evaluated the effect of...
Tomasz Bieńkowski
Krystyna Żuk-Gołaszewska
Joanna Kaliniewicz
Janusz Gołaszewski
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

Quality of Autumn Harvested Honey in Dangilla Wereda

  The study was initiated to evaluate the physico-chemical quality of autumn harvested honey of Ethiopia particularly in Dangilla district, North West Gojjam. Twenty seven honey samples were collected from three different altitudes throughout the chain of honey handlers. The mean value of...
Tadele Andargie
Gebrehana Ashine
Journal of Food Chemistry and Nutrition

Changes in Chemical Compositions of Olive Oil under Different Heating Temperatures Similar to Home Cooking

  Four olive oils with varying amounts of total phenols were exposed to four different heating conditions. Chemical parameters such as free fatty acid, peroxide values, UV absorbency, total phenols, individual phenols, α-tocopherol, squalene, oleocanthal, fatty acid profile and smoke...
Xueqi Li
Grant C. Bremer
Kristen N. Connell
Courtney Ngai
Quyen Anh T. Pham
Shengling Wang
Mary Flynn
Leandro Ravetti
Claudia Guillaume
Yichuan Wang
Selina C. Wang
Journal of Food Chemistry and Nutrition

Contenidos de Cafeína, Ácido Clorogénico, Actividad Antioxidante y Evaluación Organoléptica de La Infusión de Café Regional Preparado por Tres Diferentes Técnicas

  Se determinó el contenido de cafeína, ácido clorogénico, actividad antioxidante en infusions de café de ocho regions de la República de Guatemala: Acatenango, Antigua, Atitlán, Cóban, Fraijanes, Huehuetenango, Nuevo Oriente y San Marcos...
Ana Luisa Mendizábal de Montenegro
Patricia Palacios de Palomo
Ana Silvia Colmenares de Ruiz
Ana Elena Colocho
Conrado Duque
Melanie Argueta
Revista de la Universidad Valle de Guatemala

Influencia de la Materia Prima la Elaboración de Jugo de Manzana en la Síntesis de Polifenoloxidasa y Compuestos de Sabor

    Gran parte de la producción de manzana en México ( 30%) se emplea para la producción de jugos y néctares. En el jugo elaborado a base de manzana, el sabor y el color son paráme­tros de calidad importantes, los cuales son afectados durante el...
Yazmín Arleth Guillén Ramos
Mirna Villegas Pérez
Guadalupe Isela Olivas Orozco
Loreto Robles Hernández
Ana Cecilia González Franco
Abelardo Núñez Barrios
Nora Aideé Salas Salazar

Enhancing the Nutritive Values of Ice Milk Based on Dry Leaves and Oil of Moringa oleifera

  Objective: Moringa oleifera , described as an important nutritional supplement with a variety of pharmaceutical and functional properties. Therefore, the main purposed of this study was to improve the nutritional value and sensory quality of fortified ice milk by blending with...
Heba H. Salama
Samah M. EL-Sayed
Aboelfetoh M. Abdalla
American Journal of Food Technology

Evaluation of the Functional Properties of Mung Bean Protein Isolate for Development of Textured Vegetable Protein

  Mung bean is considered a ‘green pearl’ for its relatively high protein content; however, it has limited application as a raw material for industrial food products. As the potential use of mung beans relies on its protein behavior, this study characterized the...
F.H. Brishti
M. Zarei
S.K.S. Muhammad
M.R. Ismail-Fitry
R. Shukri
N. Saari
International Food Research Journal

Effect of Processing Parameters on Quality Attributes of Fried Banana Chips

  Chips are the most popular variety of snacks and they are consumed round the year by people of all age groups. A central composite face cantered design was applied to determine the effects of chips thickness (mm), frying temperature (°C) and frying time (min) on moisture...
S. A. Wani
V. Sharma
P. Kumar
International Food Research Journal

Physicochemical Properties and Applications of Date Seed and Its Oil

  The date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is an important agricultural crop in most of the Middle East countries and it is a staple food for millions of people in this part of the world. Date seeds, also called pits, kernels, stones or pips, are a waste product of date processing and...
A. Golshan Tafti
N. Solaimani Dahdivan
S.A. Yasini Ardakani
International Food Research Journal

Importancia y Propiedades Fisicoquímicas de la Rosa mosqueta (R. canina, R, rubiginosa): Una Revisión

  Los consumidores cada día exigen productos en sus dietas que no solo aporten los nutrientes requeridos para una vida sana, sino que además son de preferencia aquellos que puedan complementar con propiedades benéficas para la salud. En las últimas décadas...
T. Espinoza
E. Valencia
R. Quevedo
O. Díaz
Scientia Agropecuaria