Procesamiento de Alimentos, Alimentos Deshidratados, Congelados, Jugos y Bebidas

Efecto del Curado Sobre las Propiedades Térmicas del Almidón de Camote (Ipomoea batatas L.)

  Se evaluó el efecto de la temperatura (29, 32 y 35ºC) y del tiempo (2, 4 y 6 días) de curado, a humedades relativas de 85 a 95%, sobre las propiedades térmicas de los almidones de camote, variedad INA-100, cuyas raíces estuvieron 50 días almacenadas...
Laura Linares
Milber Ureña
Jenny Ruales
Escuela de Ingeniería Agroindustrial

Performance of Drying Technologies to Ensure Microbial Safety of Dried Fruits and Vegetables

  Dried fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are produced in and sourced from many countries worldwide, but they have been increasingly reported to be involved in outbreaks and alerts due to the presence of foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella. These dried products are mainly...
Sim´eon Bourdoux
Dan Li
Andreja Rajkovic
Frank Devlieghere
Mieke Uyttendaele
Institute of Food Technologists

Agronomic and Technological Factors Affecting Tunisian Olive Oil Quality

  Olive oil is a very versatile product. It has distinctive virtues in the fields of health and nutrition. For this reason olive oil quality has attracted attention and become the focus of many studies. Olive oil quality depends on several factors such as ripening, extraction method, soil type...
Ines Gharbi
Manel Issaoui
Sounira Mehri
Imed Cheraief
Samira Sifi
Mohammed Hammami
Scientific Research Publishing

Production and Processing of Pinapple

  Contents:  1. Description of the plant 2. Soil and climate suitable for pineapple development 3. Preparation of the land 4. Planting  5. Maintenance and phytosanitary protection 6. Financial information 7. Pineapple consumption and processing...
K. Edoh Adabe
Salama Hind
Abdou Maïga
Engineers Without Borders, Cameroon (ISF Cameroun) and The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA

Impact of Ripening Stage and Drying on Selected Quality Attributes of Apple Mango Cubes and Leathers

  Apple mango is an improved cultivar that has been widely adopted by farmers in Kenya for use in the fresh market and processing. However, its production and consumption are adversely affected by high postharvest losses, which result from the perishable nature of the fruit, especially during...
Elizabeth Nakhungu Wafula
D.N. Sila
M.M. Wawire
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development

Optimización Experimental del Proceso de Liofilización de Uchuva Adicionada con Componentes Activios por Impregnación al Vacío

  Los procesos de optimización experimental, representan una herramienta efectiva para el mejoramiento de la calidad de los productos, contribuyendo en la diversificación de productos en la cadena de uchuva, como frutos promisorios de exportación. Objetivo: El objetivo del...
Misael Cortés R.
Edgar Herrera H.
Eduardo Rodríguez S.

Effect of Harvesting in Different Ripening Stages on Olive (Olea europea) Oil Quality

  The aim of the present study is to investigate the chemical and physical characteristics of the olive oil in different ripening stages of Manzanilla and Kalamata varieties to determine the optimum harvesting time of the olive fruits. The oil content was gradually increased due to the...
A.A. Sobhy El Sohaimy
H. Mohamed El-Sheikh
M. Taha Refaay
A.M. Mohamed Zaytoun
American Journal of Food Technology

Modeling the Thin-Layer Drying of Fruits and Vegetables: A Review

  The drying of fruits and vegetables is a complex operation that demands much energy and time. In practice, the drying of fruits and vegetables increases product shelf-life and reduces the bulk and weight of the product, thus simplifying transport. Occasionally, drying may lead to a great...
Daniel I. Onwude
Norhashila Hashim
Rimfiel B. Janius
Nazmi Mat Nawi
Khalina Abdan
Institute of Food Technologists

Processing of Fresh-Cut Tropical Fruits and Vegetables: A Technical Guide

Fruit and vegetable production and consumption in Asia and the Pacific region have shown a marked upward trend over the past several years. Rising consumer demand in the region has come with greater awareness of food safety issues and increased need for convenience and quality. The fresh-cut...
Jennylynd B. James
Tipvanna Ngarmsak
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Production of Alcohol by Yeast Isolated from Apple, Orange and Banana

The purpose of this study was to isolate wild yeast strains present in different fruits (apple, orange and banana) and to determine the yeast growth and the amount of alcohol production at various glucose concentrations. Three fruits namely apple, banana and orange were selected as natural sources...
Zahida Nasreen
Shaista Jabeen
Muafia Shafique
Shumaila Usman
Tehseen Yaseen
Ammara Yasmeen
Saima Nazir
International Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences