Producción de Frutas y Hortalizas

Optimización del Regadío

  El regadío español se va a enfrentar a nuevos condicionantes climatológicos, energéticos, sociales y medioambientales, que van a condicionar su productividad. Por ello, la optimización energética e hídrica del mismo es imprescindible. La...
Guillermo Castañón
Cajamar Caja Rural

The Effect of Foliar Boron Spraying on the Fruit Features of Brigitta and Legacy Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) Cultivars

  Boron (B) is associated with reproductive and antioxidant metabolism in plants, and in southern Chile, the deficiency of this micronutrient is ameliorated through foliar applications that are a part of agricultural management, thus ensuring the productivity of crops including highbush...
Cristian Meriño-Gergichevich
Eduardo Pacheco
Marjorie ReyesDíaz
Ciencia e Investigación Agraria

Influence of Biozyme® on Chlorophyll Content, Flowering and Physiological Maturity of Potato ( Solanum Tuberosum L.) Cultivars

  The study was conducted at Egerton University in 2010/2011 in a split plot experiment, arranged in a randomized complete block design. The research was replicated three times and repeated once. Main plots were assigned to potato cultivars (Tigoni and Asante), while subplots were assigned to...
Karanja Benard K.
K. Isutsa Dorcas
Aguyoh Joseph N.
International Journal of Current Agricultural Research

Identification of Pesticide Residue level in Lettuce Based on Hyperspectra and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Spectra

  Fast identification of pesticide residue level in lettuce leaves plays a key role in the test of food safety. In order to identify the different concentrations pesticide residues of lettuce leaves in a fast and nondestructive way, the hyperspectra coupled with chlorophyll fluorescence...
Sun Jun
Zhou Xin
Mao Hanping
Wu Xiaohong
Zhang Xiaodong
Gao Hongyan
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Characteristics of Banana Fruits (Musa spp. AAA, cv. Nanica) Treated with Cytokinin and Gibberellin

   The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of cytokinin and gibberellin on the characteristics of banana fruits (Musa spp. AAA, cv. Nanica) as a function of the formation period and position in the bunch. A completely randomized, 2×5 factorial design was adopted consisting...
Juliana D. Lima
Jéssica Santa Rosa
Eduardo N. Gomes
Danilo E. Rozane
Silvia H. Modenese-Gorla da Silva
Ciencia e Investigación Agraria

Role of Antioxidants in Salt Stress Tolerant of Date Palm Offshoots (Phoenix Dactylifera L.) Female and Male Cultivars

  Salinity is one of the most abiotic stress destructive factors which limit growth and production of date palm offshoots considerably. In order to investigate the effects of antioxidant compounds on growth parameters as indicters to salt tolerance at the date palm offshoots cultivars of...
Hussein J. Shareef
International Journal of Current Agricultural Research

Optimized Design and Performance Evaluation of an Electric Cup-Chain Potato Metering Device

  The cup-chain metering device is commonly used in potato planters despite its problems of missing-seeding, double-seeding and ground wheel sliding. A mechanical-electrical design was developed for planters to resolve these problems. A regression experiment was conducted with three factors (...
Niu Kang
Fang Xianfa
Liu Yangchun
Lü Chengxu
Yuan Yanwei
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Clonal Propagation of the Avocado: Effects of the Rooting Step on Graft Union Formation and Development

  The etiolation and layering technique that is used on avocados has two critical steps, namely, the rooting of clonal rootstock and graft union formation between the commercial variety and clonal rootstock. This study analyzed the rooting step of the clonal rootstock regarding its influence...
Carmen Estay
Ricardo Cautín
Alexander Neaman
Mónica Castro
Ciencia e Investigación Agraria

EPF: Evaluación y Planeación para el Fortalecimiento de los Sistemas Nacionales de Control de la Producción Orgánica

  Esta herramienta permitirá a los actores de los movimientos de agricultura orgánica de los países diagnosticar el estado de sus sistemas nacionales de control de la producción orgánica (SNC) y elaborar, de manera participativay con el apoyo del IICA, planes...

Buenas Prácticas en la Elaboración de Mapas de Suelos

  Este documento constituye una herramienta útil no solo para analistas y especialistas en suelos, sino también para quienes toman decisiones dirigidas a impulsar este tipo de procesos para el desarrollo de un país, en general, y del sector agropecuario, en particular. El...